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Hello you wonderful people how are you all? I hope you are all well and ready for some skin maintenance?

I am carrying on with the dating advice as I feel that it is so hard for people nowadays to actually find viable relationships. I have said previously that I feel it’s partly due to the one million miles a minute lifestyle. It seems very apparent also that people seem to be connecting with people they really have no common interests with. There for end up living, basically, single lives but you have someone to sleep next to and split the bills with. I can tell you right now you deserve more.
Why note check out these sites if they’re local to you and find an easier way of meeting like minded individuals. Woking DatingExeter DatingDerbyshire Dating Site or Fife Dating Site. If you are a little apprehensive that’s understandable however Mr. Right you keep talking about so much. He may have got fed up waiting for Mrs. Right and he’s said ‘Right I’m getting on a dating site!!’. You never know until you try!

On with skin prep and you want to always look your best on a date am I right? Whether that is your first date with each other or even if you’ve been together for ages. A nice bit of skin prep is vital to feeling and looking amazing so let’s jump right in.


All over exfoliation will leave your body feeling incredible. I always start with my face and neck using my T-zone scrub. Gently apply over the face and in small, circular, upward motions rub your face. I always take extra care around my eye area as you don’t want to damage the thin skin there.
Next, you will want to exfoliate your body and there are lots of options available. You could use a body brush and I love these. You could also use one of those fluffer, scrubber things in the shower. There are exfoliating creams like for your face but for your body or my old favourite, my exfoliating gloves that were about £1 from my local Asda! Do not forget to include your feet people!

Did Someone Say Facemask???

So next up it’s a good idea to prep your face skin so it looking and feeling lovely. A facemask is a great way to give your skin that added boost and also give some extra confidence.
They’re lots available I would make sure though that you use a mask with all natural ingredients you know you’re not allergic to. Also, why not have a glass of your favourite beverage as you do. You know you deserve the relaxation!

MoisturiseMoisturise, Moisturise,

So after all that exfoliating and face masks you need to hydrate your skin. I actually use five different types of cream for this!! One for all over body moisture I use a cocoa butter based cream.
A face cream that is skin and age appropriate for your skin type. This is the most important thing. I actually use an anti-bacterial one to avoid spots and balance my oily areas.
Eye cream and yes that is a separate cream! Think about how thin the skin around your eye area is in comparison to the rest of your facial skin. It needs some extra TLC. Whether you want to get rid of your black bags, get rid of wrinkles or just hydrate the area. There are lots of products to choose from.
Hand cream that is again age appropriate. Hands are very delicate and the skin is very thin there. At different times of our lives, our hands need different things. I currently use a shea butter based cream as I don’t like the feel of glycerine and find it doesn’t absorb well on my skin.
Feet cream and yes you read that right. Our feet go through so much whether you are on all day giving your feet a beating every day, or sat with them stewing in hot shoes and getting the slightly swelled up feeling. In the words of Lieutenant Dan, ”You gotta take care of your feet”. I use a cream using Urea and I can not recommend this ingredient enough.

Water and Sleep

Although you should be doing it all the time, if you’re not and know a big date is on the way,  plenty of water and sleep. It sounds like such a cliche but it really isn’t and few hours extra kip for better skin seems sooo worth it. Plus drink a pint of water at least three times a day to add that extra hydration if you’re not getting enough.

Well, my loves I hope this helps with all the date prep you will probably have to come your way! What dating prep advice do you have? Do you have your own little ritual? Please let us know in the comments below and I will speak to you soon!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Niki says:

    Great advice Tahnee! Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. glad it could help


  2. marinebing says:

    I love taking care of myself I do it every Saturday !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good! You totally deserve it chick xx


  3. Chikumo says:

    I actually met my boyfriend online so all up for the dating sites! Nice tips too. I need to exfoliate more

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww so glad you widened your prospects and gained! I think a lot of people are too afraid to make that leap, like asking someone on a date right there, right then, sort of thing.
      Also, grab the exfoliating gloves but wash in the machine and change fairly regularly. I use them and not flannels/scrubs to wash and they’re fab! xx


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