Dating Advice

The First Date

So in the last blog    , we discussed asking for the first date or phone number. Whichever one you’re feeling confident enough to ask for. Today we’re moving onto the first date and if you’re looking for some pretty outfits to wear you can find them here and I will be posting the men’s version of this soon.

If you’re finding it difficult to find the right date and you’re exhausted by all your usual methods why not check out these sites if they’re local to you.
Reading Dating, Guildford dating, Oxford Dating, Central Dating or Humberside Dating 

Let’s move onto practical advice after looking your best.


Be positive in yourself and try to be calm, easier said than done I know. If you’re finding this difficult try using some breathing techniques or having some chamomile tea. You already took the first step in asking them to your date.

Moving on to the date itself and if you’re nervous about the conversation during the date try to choose a more active date if your both active. Or if you both prefer something quite where you don’t need to worry too much about conversation. Why not take in a show be dance, comedy or a play. Do try to have a few questions in mind to try and find out a few things about your date though.


Who should pay? Discussing it beforehand is best and being honest is best to. We live in a progressive world and if you’re willing to pay for the whole date because you asked for said date, state this. Also, make it clear that any contribution to the bill will be fine. I think it’s a matter than can be quickly handled if discussed as soon as the date is asked.

Moving onto the first kiss and this is difficult as it differs from person to person. I would say try to read the situation when the time calls. Also, don’t feel pressured to do anything on a first date. I think this is a valid point whether your date is someone you don’t or do know. If it is someone new to you then you don’t them so don’t necessarily know their boundaries. If it is someone you already know then rushing may not be the best.


I really hope this blog helped! What is you top first date tip that helps you out? Let us know below in the comments.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx



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