Second Date Ideas

Thinking Outside 
The Box

So if you have been following my dating advice segments you would already know how to get the first date and have some first date advice to make sure it goes perfectly.
What happens if you get that second date?

This second date clearly establishes a mutual fondness and really opens up your options. Use this time to share a hobby you both enjoy as it will help you to bond during the activity. This is the time you can use to start asking more questions about ‘who’ your date is. A dinner date for a second date is good as well as it’s a little more personal and focused on each other. First dates a usually full of the platonic, small talk question that, let’s face it are more of a compatibility test. Don’t waste your time and get to know each other.


I think a good rule to follow is to always ask a second question then give an opinion or ask for theirs. So let me give an example. So we’ll say Gemma and James are on a date,

“So Gemma do you like to go dancing?”
“Oh yes James, I love to go dancing!”
“What’s your favourite song to dance to?” “Yeah, that’s a great song. Mine has to be…..” “What do you think of (enter genre of music or band you can deduce they will like or even dislike, cheeky)?”

This helps to keep a dialogue open whilst giving you an opportunity to find out more about your date. It also means the conversation remains flowing and, hopefully, there will be no awkward silences.


The last thing I will say is to remember to have fun! Getting to know someone can be so fulfilling and who knows where it could lead. Enjoy it and if it doesn’t work out make sure to take notes on where you know you could have improved.


If you are finding a worthwhile date hard to come by why not check these sites if they’re local. Surrey Dating SiteYorkshire Dating SiteIsle Wight Dating Site, Bristol Dating Site or Cambridge Dating Site.

I hope this helped my loves and I will have another dating post up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that. Why not pop over to my social media pages and never miss out again!! What advice do you have for a second date? Have you ever considered it’s importance before? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for stopping by.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx






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