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Welcome to the next dating advice blogs and I am very aware that a lot of male readers have been reading these. I love this as it brings a new demographic to my page but also allows me to branch out in my posts.

Whether you have a date coming up or a wanting something sharp to impress your significant other you’re in the right place. If you’re struggling to find anyone worth the time to date, most of us know how hard it can be after all. Why not check out these sites if they’re local. Buckinghamshire Dating Site, Glasgow Dating Site, Bedfordshire Dating Site, Dorset Dating SiteΒ or Gloucester Dating Site.

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide what is appropriate to wear to what occasion. Here is a casual look you can wear to have coffee, to the cinema, for a walk or picnic. Now I say casualΒ but remember a date is a date and it’s important to make the effort.


I love this outfit!! The trousersΒ look comfortable and cool. They’re also really stylish with the turned up bottoms. The plimsoll trainers in the matching colour keep it looking co-ordinated and as if you’ve but in some real effort. Styled with a cool plain white T-shirt this really is a great look. Perfect for all those Summer dates you’re going to be partaking in.

Casual Smart
Casual smart wear is fantastic for a casual dinner or drinks events and as long as it’s not a black-tie event. Using a combination of these style of clothing will keepΒ you looking smart and fashionable for any date.


Step up the style rail by adding a shirt and smart shoes to jeans for a simple smart casual look. The repetitive pattern on the shirt keeps it fun and bright while the hoses bring extra class to the outfit.

Well, my loves I hope this helped either you or feel free to share it if you know someone this can help.What is your go-to outfit for a date? Lets us know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx





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