Jim Chapman – 147 Things

Book Review

Hello all of you wonderful people! I hope today finds you healthy and happy. Autumn is in full swing in our house and I have lots of exciting things planned so make sure to check back over the next couple of weeks.


However, I want to move straight on to this little beauty!
This is an amazing book sent to me by the wonderful Jim Chapman and his great team over at Pan Macmillan. So a huge thank you so much for being so generous and sending me a signed copy. I’m very grateful!!


Jim is a great YouTuber, Fashion model and now published author amongst many other achievements. If you want (you need) to check out more than be sure to check the links in this post. His family is super cute and he is always very informative as well (lol no joke, lots of ‘Tanya did you know….somthing terrifying……..Yeah) with lots of fun sprinkled in!

I have always loved to read and have done from a very young age. However, since having children I find I have very little time for it these days. Not only that but sometimes I have little energy left and the second I start to read I fall asleep (lol).
147 Things is amazing as it is exactly what it says, 147 things. Lots of facts and knowledge, alongside anecdotes from Jim. The first one being a very hair-raising, bathroom experience for poor Jim and some wax. This book is for those who are inquisitive and curious about…….everything!
Due to the book being in smaller sections, I can take it with me anywhere. Read one ‘Thing’ and if I need to put it down. I’m not giving the mum ‘Ok in a minute’ that turns to half hour because ‘let me just finish this chapter’. This for me is invaluable as I can still enjoy my book.


I love the fact it is so factual and going as far as it could. To the point, I now have scientific license to be hangry! I mean it, it’s thing number 14 and my favourite excuse Thing from the book (lol). There are many very close second places though. Lots of them being in the hilarious grievances!
The vastness of the subject matter keeps it interesting and engaging and I haven’t had to re-read a single page yet! (that’s saying something). This added with the brilliant illustrations is just perfect.

This is a definite Autumn read for those who A) Love reading or B) Love factoids and hilarity. I haven’t finished this yet and I can’t wait to get it read! Curled up with a cuppa and a good book. I haven’t done that in a long time and have been enjoying the little moments I can.

Huge congratulations to Jim and the Pan Macmillan team for such a fantastic, interesting book your hard work has really paid off. I also hope this isn’t the last book we see from Mr Chapman and his musings. So for any of you who can’t wait to purchase this book, you can find it HERE and also an Audio Version available if you’d prefer. Either way, go get entertained and educated all at once!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and enjoy your copies of 147 Things as much as I am. Now please excuse I am hangry. Science and Jim say so!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx



  1. So funny because when I try to read now I usually fall asleep too, lol! The book sounds like it causes a few laugh out louds, and being broken up into little sections is a plus. Thanks for sharing this book!

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  2. This sounds really interesting. I like that it’s broken up into little sections so you can read as much or as little as you like. I’m the kind of person who gets stuck into a book for hours and loses track of time, and if I’m interrupted, I tend not to go back to it for a very long time.

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  3. This book sounds really interesting. I like that it’s broken up into little sections so that you can read as much or as little as you like at one time.


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