Long Distance Relationship

Top 5 Tips For a Long
Distance Relationship?

Hi my loves how are you? I do hope your well and ready to grab some top tips.

Now I haven’t actually been in a long-distance relationship, however, I know why I wouldn’t be able to have one. This made me think maybe I could help alleviate these problems for someone else. Or perhaps you are more interested in something long-distance but a few tips won’t go amiss.

Technology is your new wing person!

Let’s face it one of the most important and most difficult aspects of any relationship is, communication. When you have the added pressure of not being able to just go to their house or meet up if you need to can make it harder. Plus just generally hanging out together or watching a movie etc.
Dating-LD-PhoneThis is where technology can be a very useful resource. We live in an age of video calls and Skype and social media! Use it to your advantage. Skype dates can be cute and if your timing is good, set up a film at the same time and enjoy it together.
Being able to see peoples faces when we engage with them helps us build trust and confidence in that person.

Don’t be afraid to tell people

After talking to a few people about long-distance relationships some said they were reluctant to tell people about them. Those other people may not understand and that the validity of their relationship may be questioned. Now, I do see where they’re coming from and the want to avoid any awkward questions they’d rather not answer.
Dating-LD-FreindsHowever, if this is a serious relationship and you connect with the other person. Regardless of location then you should tell everyone. Also, explain and answer those questions. I mean it’s rare to really find someone long-distance or not!

Always send cute texts at night and in the morning

The reason I say this is because in a close range relationship this is normally something that doesn’t usually continue. Just a little ‘Morning, hope you have a good day love you’ you know cute stuff. After the honeymoon period, it’s can you buy air freshener the bathroom stinks.
Dating-LD-FunnyTextI would advise to keep this up as it shows your thinking of the other person. That they ARE apart of your everyday life. Plus did I mention it’s cute!

Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with

Putting all these obvious points aside. What I mean by this is (if you’re of legal age) it is your decision if you do or don’t show your body. Don’t feel pressured into doing something your not comfortable with just because it’s on a screen.
The reason being is someone who respects and loves you wouldn’t be comfortable if you weren’t. They also would not pressure you into anything. By all means, indulge in this area if you are open to it and if are legal to do so! But don’t do it if you don’t want to.

Do send gifts

Ok, so I am straight up going to say do not send loads of money to a person you barely know! However, if you know the person well and you have exchanged address’ do not be afraid to have a gift sent there or flowers. Especially on special occasions. Even if they’re in a different country to you there are all manners of websites available where you can have it sent as a gift.
Dating-LD-giftBut 100% show your love. For example, my partner buys me pens (lol). Which sounds crazy but I love novelty pens and he knows that. So every now and then he gets me one and I love it! This is something that could be easily overlooked but as the saying goes ‘it’s the little things’. It always makes you feel special!

Well, my lovelies that is my top 5 tips for a long-distance relationship. Are you in one? What advice would you give? I hope this can help anyone who is this situation and help your love blossom!


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Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx



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  1. Cristine says:

    With FaceTime & technology it is easier to keep a long distance relationship going

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