Heart Break Hotel

How to Mend a
Broken Heart

Many of us have had to deal with heartbreak. Whether it was your first love, didn’t last long or was a huge part of your life. Heartbreak hurts and makes us feel crappy about our selves!

Here I have 5 top tips to mend a broken heart or at the very least make you feel better about yourself.

Wine, Chocolate, Icecream it’s all good

Sometimes after a break up the urge to wallow in bed, eat junk food and shout at the main beau in the romance movie you’re watching is overwhelming. Let yourself have that time to just be. Be angry, cry and ask yourself why! Just be sure to pick yourself back up.

Don’t make any huge decisions

You’re emotionally vulnerable right now and although it seems like a good idea to adopt four cats and a racoon. It’s not, it’s categorically not. By all means get a whole new wardrobe and even go get that edgey and daring haircut. However, leave the big life decisions until your heart and head is in a better place.


Let your friends take care of you

Your closest friends will want to be there for you and by all means, let them. If you’re not interested in the advice they may want to bring tell them. Say I need a hug or an ear, dammit agree that he’s a knob head with me for a bit! Bring wine and chocolate for entry. But let people be there for you that’s what will remind you why you didn’t need a significant other in the first place!


Shop until you drop

A new wardrobe can really boost your confidence, so call the girls, get some lunch and shop away your blues. Retail therapy can really change your mood so why not give it a go and make the most of the good times with friends. A cheeky glass of prosecco at lunch, I mean your mending a broken heart after all!


Realise your worth

heartbreak can such and make you feel really bad about yourself. The most important thing to remember during heartbreak is that you are so worth it! Love, life and amazing opportunities you deserve the whole kit and caboodle. Don’t forget that and don’t accept anything less than that.


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Are you going through a breakup and could use some help? What advice can you give on this? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by today and I will speak to you soon.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx


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  1. This is some awesome advice. As long as you don’t spend all your money lol.


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