How to Make it Last

The start of any new relationship is so exciting! You get that tickly, bubbly feeling in your stomach and even though it’s impossible, your slightly worried this feeling might explode out from you at any point. They hold your hand and even that’s enough to make you get goosebumps. Laughing at all of their unfunny jokes, telling unfunny jokes. Surprise gifts and regular foot rubs. the honeymoon period of a relationship is great! In fact, it’s amazing. But I think we can all agree we have our best selves on display at the start of getting to know any person.

After a while, the cute texts become less cute and the foot rubs seem further and further apart. Now they’re not hanging out with you as much and friends loads at the moment…..OH MY….It’s ok.
However, what do you do when the honeymoon period is over?


I don’t claim to be an expert but I have learnt a thing or two over my nearly 13-year relationship. Today we are going to focus on what happens when the honeymoon period ends. This can be a hard time in a relationship as most of the time it feels like they are ‘going off you’. Here are 5 tips for keeping the spark in your relationship when this does happen.

Decide if you’re really compatible

As I said above we tend to show our best selves and may sometimes…..embellish stuff! Not like, oh yeah I’m the Ceo of ‘Insert large corp’ here. But more like oh yeah I love romcoms too! Surfing? Yep, every weekend ‘dude’.
Once the honeymoon period has worn off you may find you and the other person are not as compatible as you once thought. I’m not saying you should run for the hills. But this is why selecting somebody you know you have similar interests is so important. If you have some base interests or hobbies that are genuinely the same, your relationship will be able to be healthier.


Date Nights

I am very aware of what a cliche this sounds thank you very much (lol)! But I have to say it is pivotal to a healthy relationship and will help massively in it something you keep from the honeymoon period. Do bear in mind that date nights don’t have to be going out you could alway enjoy time together at home making a meal together and turning the tv and devices off for a night. But do date night! Focusing just on each other.give a foot massage, back rub. It’s really important and will 100% help with communication.



If the honeymoon period is over than that mean you may be about to encounter your first fight as a couple. I always tend to find the first fight is always about something trivial but it is going to happen. Here is a sure fire way of how to deal with it (easier said than done when you’re angry but here we go).
Have the argument as trying to avoid it won’t help. Put your point across about said argument subject. LISTEN to the other person and don’t say a word until they are done. Then you can discuss together how to move forward with both of you deciding what YOU can do to improve the situation. APOLOGISE for shouting, or swearing (etc etc) and mean it then move forward from it.
As I said I understand that is easier said than done when you are in the heat of the moment. But even if you can achieve the last two steps of putting forward solutions and saying sorry it’s really going to help.


Don’t forget to be thoughtful

Now, I know how simple this sounds but it can be something we all stop doing. Not on purpose to be nasty. Not because it’s over just because we become more comfortable and routined. Remembering to just be thoughtful can slip your mind. An unexpected morning coffee. You’re not cooking tonight. Let me run you a bath. It can be such a small thing but mean so much. If the love the person show them. That can be done by remaining thoughtful.


Let them have some space

Ok so this is a trickier subject to cover but just go with me a minute (lol). When you’re in the honeymoon period you spend AS MUCH time together as possible, right? Neglect your friends a little whilst you find space for this new person in your life? So it’s logical to presume once the honeymoon period is over. You once 24/7 partner might not actually want to spend ALL of their time with you. Shocking, I know but there we have it. I mean how dare he want to go out with mates instead of stewing on the couch, watching Saturday night telly with me again?
Don’t let them take you for granted but remember this time will come and that is completely normal. Take the opportunity to meet up with friends and have a girls night.


If you’re struggling to find someone to go through the honeymoon stage with why not check out these sites. They offer online dating where you can get to know people before taking the plunge. Best Dating SiteDating Agency BelfastEdinburgh Dating SitesCanberra Singles or Dating Agency Berkshire.

Well, my lovelies there are my top tips for when the honeymoon period ends and hopefully they help you. What advice would you give to people feeling cupid’s bubble pop? Let us know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

4 Comments Add yours

  1. matthulland says:

    Nice piece, so true, especially about fights. Disagreements will always happen, it’s how you move on from then that counts.


  2. Kelly Jean says:

    I wish I could relate to any of this but unfortunately it seems that I will be single for life </3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You won’t my lovely. It’s all about where you’re looking and asking for that number xx


  3. So true ! I was having a hard time understanding all that until I met my love 🙂 now everything seems easy.. dates are amazing, fights are ok, and we are so compatible.. There are things he is good at and teaches me, and there are things I am good and I help him. Symbiose 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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