Does My Crush Like Me?

Five Scientific Ways
to Know

Dating can be really tough and with such huge pressures from….everywhere to be nye on perfect. It’s 100% harder.

One thing that has always baffled me is how do you know when someone is interested in you? Is there any signs or signals they might give to let us know. I wanted to go a little further with it though and using various websites checked out the science between attracted people. I used this to work out 5 Scientific signs that can help tell you if your crush is interested in you.


Are they talking REAL close?

This would be in a situation that they perhaps wouldn’t need to. Do they lean in extra closely while they talk to you?
This could be an indication that they have feelings for you. Also if the promptly include you in conversations you were not involved in and know nothing about. This to can be a sign of attraction.
This is our brain’s way of highlighting the attraction non-verbally.

Posture can give it away!


We are all animals of this beautiful earth humans included. This has given us subtle instincts when it comes to attracting a mate and showing our interest. Again this is something non-verbal and we have no control over. We may not even realise we’re doing it. We all tend to straighten up (no rudeness please lol) for those we’re attracted to. It’s the equivalent of Peacock shaking his feathers and puffing himself up! But we all do it in some form so keep an eye out for it.

Touching you


Do they always find a reason to touch your arm? Do you keep ‘accidentally’ touching hands? Is it often and frequent? This could be a sign that they like you. Especially if they do it continuously throughout the conversation. Repeated arm touches etc are a good sign your crush may be into you.
This is a humans way of determining the happiness of the level of intimacy. If you pull away they will be unlikely to continue the behaviour.

To Relaxed?

The University of Kansas held a flirtation study. What they found is some peoples body react in an opposite way to what they would like. When they become attracted to someone they begin to almost lean back? Both physically and verbally and as you can imagine rarely has the desired effect. The body language given off is that of distance and space. Rather than the hoped-for openness, their body is trying to achieve.
So if you’re chatting to your crush and this seems to be the case use some of the others signs to help you know for sure. Also, this may be something you’re doing and short handing yourself out of that date?



Now this one seems very easy and obvious. But seeing as most of us are bad at taking compliments. We do that whole ‘Oh cheers, I look like crap’ actually out of our mouths for people to hear!
However, if someone is overly complimentative of you it may be that they have an attraction to you. So learn to take the compliments and let’s hope they’re all from your crush!

So there you have it guys. Five ways to tell if someone is interested in you no matter where you are!

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Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx


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  1. Matt says:

    I’m so happy to be settled, I used to hate that does she doesn’t she guessing game. It’s not something I miss. Great advice as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Preach matt! If I had to ‘pull’ now not a chance 😂😂😂


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