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Hi, my loves! So since I shared my Haul with you a while ago I thought I would show you around my Halloween decorations and really get you in the Halloween mood ready for the big day.

So as stated in the Haul I did buy a few added decorations and then I went to town!


So, this is my bookcase and as you can see I draped the whole thing is fake cobwebs! I then added all my little Halloween knick knacks. I particularly like the candelabra accompanied by the tea light ghost! I also love the potion bottle dotted throughout.

Next to my bookshelf is my fireplace. Now, this isn’t used for heat only for ambience (lol) so I covered it with this gothic skull tablecloth. Added the dog’s hat (I’ll add that pic at the bottom!) and my witches broom. I really love it and when it’s dark gives off a warming yet spooky glow.


So above my fireplace is usually my television but my partner has moved it for the time being. I decided this was a perfect spot for my lightbox (win one here) and a couple of pumpkins. I have also left a space next to this for our carved pumpkins which will come soon!

This spooky guy is keeping his eye on my kitchen! No trespassers allowed! He’s meant to glow in the dark but he seems a little lacking in the glow department bless his bones!


This is the big wall you see as you enter. We have two corner shelves either side of our mirror. A great spot for bunting! We opted for the Day of the Dead skulls and glad we did as they really are pretty and scary! I also draped both shelves in web and added spider lights and pumpkin lights. The Day of the Dead hanging skull is so cute and matches my tealight above! This wall looks so pretty all lit up at night.

If you follow my social media you have probably watched this little display grow and adapt. Both as Autumn and now Halloween is upon us this is the final product! I love the variety of pumpkins and I am looking into drying these out to use again for next year.


Finally, there are the inflatables I get every year mostly so the kids won’t touch my other stuff that can break (lol). They love messing about with them and they are really cute!

Well, that’s it my lovelies and I do hope you’re feeling inspired, perfect if you’re having a party! Do you decorate for Halloween? Will you now? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to tag me in your decorations pics I would love to see them!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

P.S Check my (HAUL LINK) for where to get anything that has taken your eye. Anything else from this post is either from previous years or from Poundland! x



  1. We did some decorating with ghost lights, webs, a plug in jack-o-lantern and some felt skeletons on our lemon tree! Outside the usual jack-o pumpkins and an inflatable ghost!! Yours looks totally fabulous!!

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  2. Wow you really went all out! Love how much effort you put into this. I was working on Halloween so there were lots of kids running around the store in costumes and it was really cute. Just heads up you havent inserted the links in the post where you mentioned the Haul 🙂

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