Halloween Fun

Our Halloween

So Tuesday was All Hallows Eve and I was definitely in the spooky mood. The house was decorated and pumpkins ready. Sadly my eldest was at school but I have got some pumpkin cakes ready for when he’s home.


However, we started the day with Hotel Transylvania which is one of our fave Halloween films. This put me right in the mood for the rest of the day!

My eldest got to dress up for school and chose to be The Dark Knight himself, Batman. He had a great time and even had a Halloween themed lunch.


The day was pretty chill but we got up to plenty during the holidays. We made lots of crafts such as paper plate ghosts. My favourite was the ghost bowling.

We had gruesome grub which went down a treat with minimal tricks. Followed by scary sweets.

We also went on some gorgeous walks in the Autumn lushness. One of these trips was out to a pumpkin patch. We enjoyed picking our own pumpkins for the first time. We also carved them.


Finally, ON Halloween we enjoyed a little Halloween themed pass the parcel. It was fab and the little forfeits (the tricks) were really funny. The boys dressed up as a ninja and Frankensteins monster. Even Doug dressed up. Trick or treating was brilliant. Lots of people made a brilliant effort to decorate and overall was a fab night.


I think this has been one of my favourite Halloweens so far. It could have only been made better if there had been both boys home for the day.
I’m a little sad it’s over, to be honest, and it’s the end of Halloween posts for another year!I hope you enjoyed your night with friends, family or children? Let us know what you got up to in the comments!

Lots of Love,


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  1. Tahna de Veyra says:

    Wow! I so love how you celebrate Halloween as a family.

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