All I Want For Christmas is……

Festive Dating

Facing the festive period single can be very hard. Especially if you’re not actually wanting to be single. Seeing people’s pretend social media lives can make it a million times worse. You can end just feeling so deflated and unwanted which of this time of the year is the worse.


But let’s be pragmatic here and stop and think! Christmas parties, get-togethers and everybody just generally being in a better mood has to be the best time to snag that date! So here are my top 5 tips for festive dating.

Keep your eyes peeled!


As long as it’s not a work colleague be sure to be ready to ask for a number, start a conversation or throw down on the dance floor. I mean with all the functions going on it would be such a wasted opportunity if you didn’t!

Be merry but be bright!

Although it’s tempting to throw back one too many at any Christmas function just be careful. People usually feel soberer than they actually are. No one likes that drunk person hitting on them. So enjoy yourself but be sure to watch your drinks and all time and watch how much you consume. You want your wits about you.

Shine brighter than that Christmas star!


I do mean this figuratively but it is Christmas after all! The time of the year you can 100% extra and no one bats an eye. So get the sparkle on, no your hair not too big and sleigh it!

Leave the cheese on the crackers!


So no pulling out the mistletoe or you might lose your snowman carrot. I mean this may work for some people but I feel that the majority would prefer humour rather than cheese. Not only that but Christmas is one of the worst time for unwanted physical contact so this is a winner!

Dating Wonderland!

With so many sweet, festive and romantic dates options available do not waste your time. Nice festive meals, cool events the list is endless and so magical (love heart eyes emoji). So if do a little research and you will be able to find so many great date ideas at this time of the year!


So there you have five top tips for festive dating. If you’re finding it hard to meet that special someone maybe you could ask Santa? Or as a more proactive solution, you could check out these sites instead. Guernsey DatingBirmingham DatingNottinghamshire DatingManchester Dating or Norfolk dating.

Have fun with your festive dating escapades guys but please be safe IN ALL WAYS!! #Mumlife ok I can’t help but fuss and worry (lol). I am being serious though!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx




  1. Such awesome tips. I love the way u ve compared it with Christmas 🎄 elements . And yes people don’t need to feel worse seeing others posts on social media coz half is pretence.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh yes, that’s true. I recently just started feeling real pressure to find someone. All the holiday feels is not helping. This is definitely a great time to have a special date. Tempted to be less picky, and just go for it. heheh

    Liked by 1 person

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