A Fresh Start

Dating from Scratch

Are you stuck in a dating slum? Are you essentially dating the same f**kboy again and again?

Then it’s time for a change wouldn’t you say?


With New Year on the approach, it’s time to spring clean your love life and I have 5 top tips to ‘spruce’ (did you see what I did there lol) up your love life. SO let’s delve right on in and get you ready for the new dating year ahead.

Clean Out the Profiles


So dating profiles are the norm now and so many people have them. It’s time to give them a sort out. That guy who never wants to meet up? DELETE! That one girl who is cute but you’re just not feeling it? DELETE! The person you’ve been talking to and know you’re not compatible with romantically? Keep as a friend by all means but DELETE!
These people are wasting your time in the dating game and to be fair you may be wasting theirs as well. So give those profiles a good clean out and you may even just start again from scratch perhaps. But it’s going to be great for your profiles.

Take up that Hobby


Have you been thinking of taking up a new hobby? This is the year you should go for it because it’s going to help your dating life too. Obviously, a hobby where other people are attending such as a running club, sports or photography group etc. This way you can develop the things you love and you know the people around you are interested in it as well. Immediate icebreaker anyone!!! Use these great opportunities to see who’s on the dating scene.

Cutting Ties


So this kind of fits in with the cleaning out profiles. This is removing those toxic people from your life. You know who they are it’s just about being honest. The ex who only booty calls. The ‘friend’ who never has anything nice to say to you. We all have these people in our lives it’s just finding the strength to let go. It will be so worth it though as you will feel the positive vibes.

Go for that new look


It’s nearly a new year and your already cleaning out your love life anyway. Why not give your look a going over. Hate your hair? Change it! Try out that bold makeup look you haven’t dared. Go for it I say. Life is too short anyway and you never know the boost in confidence may attract the perfect partner.

Change your type


Now I know how this sounds but trust me. We all have our types of people we find attractive both physically and mentally. That is of course fine.
If you’re finding yourself in a rut of bad dates then this may actually be your problem. It may be that you need to tweak your list slightly. I mean variety is the spice of life after all. So if you’re guilty of the “he’s cute but too short” or the old “She’s a bit loud”. Or any other ‘list’ rule breakers then you might be limiting yourself too much. So tweak the list (you know the mental perfect partner list) for the person who doesn’t exist. This is sure to change your dating game!

If you’re still finding it impossible after this perhaps you should check these sights as they might help. Bristol DatingFife SinglesSenior DatingDevon Dating or Cornwall Singles.

As always let us know you top dating tips in the comments. Until next time my loves I wish you all the best with your new spring cleaned love life!!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Niki says:

    Oh Gosh! I’m glad those are problems I will hopefully never have again in my life! I do not miss single life at all. So many j^rks out there :p

    Liked by 1 person

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