Romance is Dead?

Or Is It???

Society and Social media today will have us believe that romance is dead. That it is a forgotten myth of the past. I mean I see posts all the time of flowers. jewellery, balloons and candles everywhere. Usually captioned with something similar to ‘So where these guys at?’. Plus all the fake lives we see there of the “#RelationshipGoals”.


I have a huge problem with this as being spoiled by your partner is not romance and we shouldn’t be seeing it like that either. Romance should and does go beyond materialistic ideals. It’s so much more than a bunch of roses and a sparkly bracelet.

After 13 years of my relationship romance means something completely different. After any length of time, it boils down to the little things.
So here are my top 5 tips top remember what romance actually means.

Be grateful for time


So the biggest gesture somebody can give you is their time. It’s something they will never get back after all. Are you and your partner making time for each other? Sometimes the most romantic moments come from these small moments. Don’t just sit there though, show an interest and be engaged in what the other is saying. Listen and be there in the moment together. Share problems and laughs alike. But being there for each other always is so romantic!

Be sure to compliment


You’re just out the shower, you’re looking like a naked mole rat in a towel. Your beloved can’t help but tell you in that moment that you’re beautiful or they love you. If you have this you have something wonderful. It’s easy to love someone when they’ve made the best of themselves. It’s something special to love someone for just as they are. Right there and then in their naked mole rat moment. P.s you don’t look like a naked mole rat!!

gifts can be nice


Flowers, chocolates and jewellery are great and everything. But for gifts to be fully romantic the thought has to be there. If there is no thought behind it becomes less romantic. That’s why the gifts that have a more personal touch are so much more romantic. Listen to her shopping rambles and you might hear about that one thing shes wanted for ages or this cute object they wish they’d picked up. But 100% keep it thoughtful and personal as it’s not about the cost.

Slogging around


Yes, you read that right folks. Romance is slogging out with your other half in sweats and PJs. At least it is when you’re a parent. It’s having that time together imperfections and flaws all hanging out. Bad skin and hair, looking a hot mess. But knowing someone can love you like this! That in itself is really romantic. No barriers and no pretences, just two imperfect humans spending time with their favourite person. LOVE!

Knowing something is wrong even when you haven’t said anything


When a person just knows you so well they know how you feel. They may not know the cause but they feel it and see it in you. That is pure romance! Being so connected with someone you become in tune with their unspoken emotions is special. You may not even be making obvious but they can tell if you’re mad or even a little happier than usual. Knowing the person you’re with IS the most romantic thing in the world.

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So there you have it my loves, unwavering and unbiased romance! What does romance mean to you? Let us know in the comment below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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