Does He Like You?

The Tell-Tale 

Even though the title is pretty self-explanatory I still feel the need to elaborate. In this day of ‘sliding into DM’s’ and the dreaded ‘D**k pic’ it can be so hard to root out those people who are actually, genuinely interested in you.

Today I am sharing 5 unspoken things males do that can help you work out if he is actually into you or not. I actually read a few studies to list these so they’re legit.

Centre of Attention


This may not be what you think either. It has been suggested that if someone is constantly, every time you’re in the room, making you centre of their attention. It could be that they have a romantic interest in you and want you to feel it. That’s not saying if someone looks you in the eye they’re in love. But if it is obvious and constant there could be more to their feelings.

Peacock Syndrome


Yes, like the peacock, males tend to puff up and sparkle when trying to attract. Is he always to well dressed around you? Have you noticed he’s ALWAYS looking extra fresh when you see him? Was the encounter planned? If he’s dressing up to see you then this is a good indication he’s dressing to impress.



So, the whole mine is bigger than yours, I am better than you malarky doesn’t leave teenage boys. Men are prewired to show off their masculinity and strength when trying to find a mate. This isn’t their fault however as we are mammals and this is how females look for the ‘right’ mate. So yeah, if he’s a bit of a show-off when you around you’re not still at school but yes he may have a crush on you!

Highlighting Genitals


Again, I want to state this is unspoken and usually unconscious behaviour but one of these is this. Males highlight their package by perhaps grabbing loops on their jeans. Hands constantly around that area. It’s basically working as a subliminal message of fertility and availability.

Licking Lips


When we are attracted to someone there are some physical things that can happen to the male body besides the obvious. In fact, this works for men and women alike and it’s spit. Gross, I know but that’s not my fault. If we’re physically attracted to somebody our mouth begins to produce more saliva. So if he’s constantly gulping or licking his lips then there is a chance he is attracted to you. That is then causing a physical reaction.

So there are the 5 tips for telling if he likes you. However, we all know it can still be really hard in the dating game. So if you’re still struggling then check out these sites. Merseyside DatingLeeds DatingCumbria SinglesDorset Singles or Hertfordshire Dating.

Have you seen this behaviour yourself? Maybe even from your own partner? As always let us know your thoughts below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx




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  1. Enele Ogah says:

    Great ideas. They are definitely going to be very useful in a few weeks and months to come!! 😁😀
    Happy holidays!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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