The Best Onsie?

Uhhhhh Yes

Now I am fond of my comfies and blanket. Snuggled on the sofa watching crappy nineties films with copious amounts of tea. Obviously onsies are the best in the world for this, my favourite activity.

I recently had the privilege of gracing my body with the snuggle monster that is a Hunkemoller onsie.


Now, Hunkemoller is an online store that not only sell luxurious onsies but also an array of underwear, lounge wear and workout wear.

However, I got the stunning Grey Onsie and just look how cute it is!!!


I want to actually start with the packaging though and you’ll see why! The pretty pink and cute message were a definite bonus!

The onsie itself is to die for!!! It is one of the softest things I have ever placed on my body! I mean seriously, the closest I can describe it stroking my cute baby bunny! But the onsie is fleece in this ultra sweet polka dot and grey.

Can we also take a minute for the hood!!!!……….


LOOK!!! It has the cutest ears with extra large stitching. Added with the sleepy eyes I genuinely feel like a giant teddy bear. With Britain still being ridiculously chilly. It is perfect for a lazy Chrimbo Limbo.

Sizing wise, I have a medium and I would say it’s a 10-12 sizing. This is larger than I wear in clothes but it’s comfies right, so, bigger the better. The sizing goes up to XL.


So the next time you’re wondering what you need for those perfect days snuggled at home. I can tell you it’s Hunkemoller onsies. As it literally feels like angels hugs. I say that as I sit writing this, wearing mine!

What’s your favourite item of clothing to lounge in? Let us know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,                                                  Tahnee xxx




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