January faves

January Favourites

Things I’m Loving

Hello you beautiful bunch and how you all? I hope you are well! We are busy getting back to reality, as our day to day routine gets firmly set back in place.

Today, however, I wanted to share with you the various items, products and bits and bobs that I am loving.

Pretty Pink Donut Maker

Now, this was an AMAZING gift given to me by my fella and boys for Christmas. I am loving it!! Now it has taken me a couple of attempts to get the recipe correct. They only take a few minutes to cook which is just amazing. But I have been loving the results and so have the family.

They are so light and fluffy in the middle with a nice crisped outer coating. We have been enjoying using up the Christmas treats for toppings. If you want one of these (you reaaaalllly do) Argos has them.

NYX Blush

NYX is a very popular brand and for very good reason. I recently tried the Sweet Cheeks Blush and it really is gorgeous. There are so many reasons I love this palette.

The first reason is the amount of colour choice there is. With 6 shades to choose from and with such a spectrum of colour, you always have a shade you need.

I also love how you can layer and blend the colours to personalise it. Making your own perfect tone for yourself.

 Rainbow Notebook

2018-01-04_16.14.25Again, this was a Christmas gift and I did find it on EBay but that was the only place online. I am obsessed with notebook and stationary. I also use a lot of notepads for blogging and I really like this one!

Not only is the fluffy rainbow just so…..extra and amazing. But to top of our ITY notebook cake with strawberry? It is in fact strawberry scented. I would say it smells more like candy floss but either way it smells delicious.

Stripe Dress


For 2018 I have a little personal goal to step outside my comfort zone a bit more. Especially in regards to my wardrobe and this is the first step.

This dress was in-store from Matalan and I can’t find it on their website any where. But I love the colours and they’re great to transition to the New Year. With the bright pops of colour you also have a great choice of accessories and make up. The fitted lines down the side really finish the dress off. Making it look fitted and giving shape all at once. I also have a feeling that bold patterns will be big for spring 2018. This will be a great way to have that in an everyday look.

Candles, Candles and more Candles

I am so obsessed with all candles right now. It’s probably because it’s ‘Winter’. It’s doesn’t really feel it and maybe I’m trying to trick myself. Obviously, I love the scented variety and I am really enjoying these Partylite candles. The mixed pack of scented tea lights are just gorgeous. Some are sweet and sumptuous. Others are fresh and light and they all smell soooo good.

The holder is also so pretty and striking. The black glass gives the candle a stunning glow. This will be in use for a long time to come.

So, there you have it my lovelies. My top 5 products for January. Did any of your faves make the list? Let me know in the comments below if it did. Or let me know what your fave item from January was.

Lots of Love,                                                   Tahnee xxx




  1. The doughnut makes is such an amazing gift!! I would love one! ❤
    PS: Do you know if NYX is against animal testing? I recently started researching that and found out that most major brands do. PROUDLY test on animals, so I just buy from The Body Shop now.

    Liked by 1 person

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