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Budget Wedding

For anyone who knows me personally or has been reading my blog, you may be aware I am engaged to my childhood sweetheart. It is something that I am very proud of that we have managed to work through the good and bad of our teen years. moving in together, babies and now a wedding. But where do you start? Well, I would start with a wedding budget that’s workable and achievable for you. If like us, however, life keeps getting in the way then maybe you need a budget wedding? I will no doubt take you on the wedding planning journey with me when I’m actually getting to that point. But as I am trying to get married for as little as possible. I am going to share my top tips for budgeting your wedding and perhaps saving a little cash here and there.

Paper Flowers

I feel when it comes to fresh flowers in a wedding too much money is spent on them. Plus now with all the unusual alternatives that are available you really don’t need to waste money here. So, my first budget wedding tip is to get yourself a faux flower. You can find tons of great companies on facebook and I have found some beautiful paper bouquets. This can save you hundreds on your wedding budget which can then be put into more important wedding items.


There is no denying that food is going to be one of the largest bills in your wedding budget. In fact, you may get a bit of shock how much people can flog a chicken breast with posh sauce for! I also find that finding something that suits all your guest can be a living nightmare so what do you do? First, we need to do a little maths (urggghhhh) but here we go. The average price, per person, to eat at a sit-down meal at a wedding. Can be anything from at least £20 per head (per person).The average number of meal goers at a wedding is approximately 80 people (here’s the Google search I did to get these numbers). So that’s an estimated cost of £1,600 and that (for some) is just not feasible for food alone. If the meal is a must for your wedding day then perhaps look into hiring a food van such as fish and chip van? Quirky fun and something really different. Again, a google search can find ones available in your area and the prices are sometimes half the cost of a sit-down meal. Adding more funds back into your wedding budget.

DIY What You Can

With great apps like Pinterest and some great crafts blogs out there for help and inspiration. You can save lots of money by DIY’ing as much of your wedding as you can. From centrepieces to shoes and invitations. There are a plethora of wedding bits you can do yourself and they still look fab for your big day. I can imagine a great sense of pride when achieving a DIY wedding. That’s not to say the everything needs to be. You do not need to be wrapping bridesmaids in loo roll just yet! But where you can save money you should. I mean everything to help that wedding budget right?

Shop Around

This is something that seems so easy but many people don’t bother to do. Shopping around is pivotal to saving money on your wedding budget. Asking for discounts and finding out what your money can get you is so important when getting value for money. You want the best day but don’t need to pay the earth. Instead, couples tend to use the same place everyone has used. That’s why you end up with all your friends’ weddings in the same place. Don’t get me wrong, for peace of mind that you know what the venue is like because you’ve been a guest there before, is great. However, you could be missing out on a great deal elsewhere. Wedding fayres are a great place to start as sometimes you can get some great discounts when booking on the day. Again, adding some nice Reddies to your wedding budget.

Wedding Favours

Is it just me or are wedding favours becoming more extravagant and ridiculous as time goes on? Designer giftbags, jewellery and more they are definitely getting ridiculous. It’s time to remember what getting married and having a wedding day is all about. BEING MARRIED! A lot of people forget this and pour so much money into one day that they find their actual marriage very anti-climatic. Just a sweet and simple favour to remember the day is lovely. Guests always enjoy them but they don’t need to cost the earth. I found a great online wedding shop that has lots of great favour ideas for really affordable prices. They have all you could need to create a really beautiful wedding for less. Saving your wedding budget loads of dosh. If you’d like more tips please check out this amazing Wedding Blog that also shares loads of great inspiration, money saving ideas and general wedding goodness.
These are but a few ways to save money on a wedding budget but do you have any great tips for us? Or are you currently planning a wedding, perhaps that’s your job? Either way, let us know in the comments below. I hope this blog helps you save money for amazing MARRIED adventures!
Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex R says:

    Great tips. Paper flowers is a great idea

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nathan says:

    It’ll be cool to have a wedding holiday! Maybe can save some cash haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Iva Ursano says:

    Oh how I’d love to get married one day 🙂 My budget will be super small…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine is and I’m loving the challenge!!


  4. Christine says:

    Some very good tips on here Tahnee, I think it’s easy to get carried away, especially with so much coverage of fabulously put together events.
    I think spend the money on the things that you will remember most and which will make you smile.
    Niki the basil plants idea.. absolutely genius!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Niki says:

    My wedding was not planned with budget in mind, but it ended up being cheaper than what everyone expected with just a few simple stuff! 1) the flowers!!! I didn’t want dead stuff on my wedding and when you cut flowers you are killing them! So I decorated the space with cute basil pots and then replanted them in my garden!
    2) I shopped around for everything else!! ahaha

    Tahnee, you’ll be surprised how much money you save with just these 2 things! Imagine how much you’ll save if you follow all the mentioned suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. When I got married 13 years ago, me and hubby really made sure we stick with the budget. Since I love DIY, there are certain things I did myself. I really splurged on the catering to make sure my guests were happy and full.

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