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Dating Days Out

Now the snowy blanket is slowly lifting and Spring can be on her merry way my mind turns to days out in the sunshine. flasks of tea, beautiful views and fun places to visit. With the sunnier days coming it may be a great idea to put your dating game into top gear. 2018 is your year for love and I am sharing some top days out, across the UK, that are perfect for a Spring date. I mean the local cinema and restaurants are great but if you have a spare day then why not make the most of it? There are so many great days out date ideas I’m sure you’ve not thought of so I am here to give the reminder!

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a stunning location situated close to the centre of Oxford. It offers a wonderful day out filled with history, architecture, class and sophistication. A gorgeous country house with equally glorious gardens. You can enjoy light meals at the cafe there as well as afternoon tea (my fave). Being the only non-royal, non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace. It really is a beautiful day out and such an interesting place to visit. If you live in the area and are lacking in the ‘date’ to take department. Then be sure to check this site for Oxford Dating. You’ll find your prince/princess charming in no time and you can both run off to the Palace! Until closing time at least!

Theme Parks

If you are looking for a date in the Berkshire area you can find singles in Berkshire by clicking the link or this link for one of the best dating sites. Then why not go get an adrenaline rush at one of the theme parks available there or at other locations in the UK? Crazy roller coasters to get your heart pumping. Rides that spin so fast you can’t stop laughing. Go be a big kid for the day and get your candy floss on!! Most people love a trip to a good adventure park no matter their age and there is always something to please everyone. A great way to spend a day and make fantastic memories.


Throw off the shackles of original dating ideas and get jumping for this. Trampoline parks are a new trend and they look like epic fun!! Backflips, front flips or simple jumping up and down. It is so much more fun when everywhere is a trampoline. Not your usual date but maybe that’s what you need? Wiltshire and Chesire (as I am aware, I know there are more let us know below) have these type of establishments and they look so fun. This Cheshire Dating Site may have your perfect someone to take along, you never know!


For those who are over 50’s dating in Cambridgeshire, you could take a relaxing and beautiful trip on one of the many rivers available. With beautiful natural views and some of the most stunning scenery, you will be in for a treat. Giving a relaxed pace to get to know one another and enjoy each others company. Why not finish with a nice dinner and a sneaky glass of wine. With lots of boat options available up and down the UK, this is a unique date. It is also a unique way to travel on a date so I give it 10 out of 10. What a perfect day!

I hope these date ideas inspire you if you’re finding your date routine a little same old and boring. Mix it up a little and throw in a quirky idea your date wouldn’t see coming. Have fun with it and go create some amazing memories. Dating is meant to be fun after all! If none of these work for you though be sure to check my other Date Ideas and be prepared for anything.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx


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  1. pakulele says:

    So romantic! I would go to the river

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    1. That does sound good!


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