Why Dates Suck

How to Change It

We’ve discussed in length before about how hard dating can be emotionally. I also imagine it must  become a little bit of a bore after a while!? Going to, essentially, the same place again and again. Going through the same drivel of small talk! NO!!! The idea that dates need to suck or just will suck has to end. The only way that can happen is with some fresh ideas for where to take a date.

With Summer on the way your date opportunities just went up ten fold! If you’re still struggling to find someone you get on well enough with to take on a date. You can do it before hand at Kent dating where you won’t need to waste your time on people who aren’t interested or just messing you about. We all know how the dating game can be! I do insist that you ditch the movies or a boring dinner and have a look at these 4 Kent (uk) based date ideas. Showing you a mere tip of the dating iceberg across the whole of the UK. You just need a bit of imagination and knowing where to look.

Hever Castle & Gardens


Treat your Queen like a Queen and plan a champagne picnic and enjoy the 700 years of History. The childhood home of Anne Boleyn and steeped in 125 acres of glorious grounds. This is sure to impress whilst being personable and private. Walk, talk and get to know each other. View the beauties the castle has to offer and enjoy a fantastic date. They also have a boating lake amongst other exciting amenities. This would be amazing for a new couple or a seasoned one alike. Bring romance, castles and love into your dates! This is such a winner!



Kent is home to some of the most lavish and gorgeous Spa’s set in the most beautiful places. This is why you should be dating in Kent! From Country House to Boutique there is somewhere you can get some R&R. With amazing massage treatments, beauty and amazing food. Make a day of it and just enjoy each others company whilst everything else is taken care of for you! Perfect! I also feel this could really help in aiding you get to know each other. Less barriers and more connecting. I mean what are dates for?

Problem Solving


Have you seen these challenge rooms popping up? Escape in a certain time with a group of friends? I have to admit they look fab and a great idea for introducing new partners to friends. They help promote bonding but also show a good deal about how the other person thinks. You could learn a lot about each other from a problem-solving date like this. More importantly what an amazingly fun date idea! So much better than sitting somewhere struggling to think up a conversation as you down to much wine! There are lots in the surrounding area of Kent even a ‘Tower Escape’. Perfect evening addition to idea number one I think or any Kent singles looking for an original date idea.

Moonlight Drive-in Cinema


I am not sure why I would need to say anything more than DRIVE-IN!! This has to be the best alternative to the movies I have ever seen! The prices of tickets and food are beyond reasonable at £1 for a can of pop and £2 for a bag of your favourite chocolates! Outdoor cinemas bring a whole different feel to the movie watching experience and now you can share that on a date! Take a picnic or stock up on snacks from the concessions it’s a winner all round!

There you have, my loves, 4 Kent based date ideas for your dating needs! If any of these tickle your fancy and you’re not from Kent google away as these are all rife throughout the UK. If you’re wanting to try some online dating so you can treat someone to one of these ideas keep your eyes peeled and click the links.

Let me know in the comments your most unique date idea! Who knows it may even make it on to one of our lists!!

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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