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Summer Perfect With Laser Hair Removal

I have mentioned in the past how I am a very hairy person. From a very young age (toddler no lie) I had very bushy hairy arms. I am generally just a furry person. It is also something I have always been very conscious of since that young and tender age.

Know I am older I don’t worry about it AS MUCH but now I love to keep myself preened. I know lots of ladies who are able to rock their body hair in all forms. Be it the rainbow armpit hair to bearded ladies not being afraid to be just that. I have to say I love it and embrace women being who THEY wish to be. That also includes the ladies, like myself, who like to rid themselves of their hair.


But how do you get the best results from hair removal because there are so many options? Shaving, removal creams, waxing and even lasers. Like, where do we start on this removal journey?

Shaving is good as you can do it at home in the bath. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t last long. No one wants to spend Summer shaving right.

So, what about removal creams? I have to be honest and say I’ve never used one properly. They stink!!! That is enough to put me off. I tired a bit on an arm once and I don’t like what it did to the hair either. It made it go really stretchy and elasticated? Very odd but I found it a real faff, to be honest. It would be a long nightmare to do a whole body for example.


Waxing? Many people find they can’t wax their skin as it damages it. Not because the technician has done anything wrong either. Their skin is just a little too sensitive or it hurts too much. I’ve have waxed myself head to toe if we’re being honest. You ALWAYS miss a bit (not if being done in the salon I should hope though) and it hurts like hell. I wouldn’t say it was worth it and then after your sticky, everywhere. Painful and a right mess! I’m good thanks!

There has to be a better alternative to hair removal right ladies?

Let’s move onto lasers shall we

As we discussed in a previous blog post Last week, we can see that science has taken over the beauty scene. About time too I say.

What this means is companies are looking at beauty techniques with a much more scientific view and using scientific techniques within the beauty industry. This makes me so excited because the treatments we’ll have at our use will be incredible and actually work.

This starts with lasers and, actually, a very simple process using lights. As the laser light targets a hair follicle. It blasts it with a light. The heat is absorbed by the hair follicle and destroys it at the root. Meaning that once the hair is gone it is really gone!


This is not electrolysis! That uses electric to zap a hair at a time. It can be a little uncomfortable and takes forever. Laser removal can target large areas and is pain-free. Described as little pings against the skin. Think tweezing your eyebrows. It can’t damage the skin around the hair and only targets the actively growing hair.

The hair is not gone immediately though ladies. It can take a couple of weeks for the hairs to come free from the skin and be gone. Laser hair removal will also take a couple of treatments to work. Also, due to the fact, the light can only target active growing hair. A couple of sessions will be required to get all the actively growing hair.

It really does sound amazing and something I would be very keen to try for sure. If you would like more information on the blessing that is hair removal you can do so Here. I’m excited at the thought of a hair free Summer! I need it from my moustache too toes (lol).

What are we thinking loves? Have you tried laser hair removal? Are you dying to try it? Let us know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx


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  1. pakulele says:

    Yay! Summer time!

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    1. I know!!! 🌞🌞🌞🌴🌴 I really need the weather to start agreeing with me 😂😂😂


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