Ten Ways to Motivate your self

How To Get Your Groove Back

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Hello to all my beauties how are you all today? I hope everyone is well and feeling good. If you’re not feeling great or very unmotivated then this may very well best perfect post for you. I recently lost all my mojo and have just been feeling a little bleurgh. This has thankfully passed but it reminded me it’s so easy to feel over whelmed. It’s so easy to let’s doubts and worries consume us and take over our days. Whether they’re physical, financial, mental and the list is plentiful. With all the ‘roles’ we have to fill. All the people that need pleasing and need your time. All the appointments and errand that need to get to done. There are a million remedies out there that claim to help but here are top ten natural way to motivate yourself.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Do Something You Love

It’s not about finding the time it’s about making the time. It’s about putting something else aside so you have the time to do something you enjoy doing. Whether that is leaving the dishes to go curl up with a book on the couch. It could be taking a drive to see the ocean, just to sit and watch and breath. Perhaps shopping trips with the girls are your go-to? Perhaps you’re an artist who loves to draw or paint? Whatever it is you love to do you must make time for it. Even more so when you’re feeling a little out of sorts and not quite yourself. It can really get you back to feeling yourself.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Give Yourself Time

As stated above, sometimes all you need is a little time. This time is actually really important as it will give you time to reflect on why you’ve felt so unmotivated. Don’t feel bad to give yourself this time and do not feel guilty about it either. Self-love and care is vitally important to your mental welfare. Time to yourself is golden and if it helps you to recenter, regroup and move forward then you should allow yourself that.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Pamper Yourself

We all know I look for any excuse to pamper myself but when you’re feeling a little low or unmotivated it can really help lift your spirits. Clean body clean mind as the saying goes. Also, who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury when they’re feeling a bit meh. So, grab that bottle of wine, run the bubble bath and yes you should buy that chocolate bar you love. Why not invite the girls over for a movie? Either way, you’re going to be feeling a bit better. Here is a greatΒ pamper session to inspire you.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Try To Be Organised

This can actually be a lot harder than it sounds because, well, you’re feeling unmotivated. However, even if you just organise your outfit for the next day and continue to add to the list. Eventually, you will be back to your motivated and ‘go get’ them self. It’s great for those who regularly become unmotivated. Which is ok here because we are all just humans

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

What’s within Your Control

Sometimes our lack of motivation may come from outside sources. Such as personal relationships or our financial situation. This can get us feeling down and there for you can’t motivate yourself. It becomes hard to remember that a lot of our worries may be out of our control. Once something is out of our control you should not allow it to affect your life any more. I know this is easier said than done, I really do. Once you’re able to let go of BS you will feel the benefits of it 100%. Even if you just reorganize your house you’ll feel better.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Keep Your Priorities List Short

Life can get so crazy sometimes and we can all feel the effects of this. If you’re really finding yourself unmotivated and unable to be getting much done then keep the ‘to-do’ list short and priorities simple. We all have basic priorities we need to fulfil and if you manage those for the day consider it a win. No one will know you’ve gone commando as you’ve done no washing (winky face). Maybe don’t wear skirts on those days? (Lol).

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Call Someone

Call your best girlfriend and have a chat and laugh. Call you’re mum and find out what’s she’s been up to and let her know how things are going with you. Just talk to someone as it will make you feel better. No, they words won’t have a magic cure but sometimes just being able to say ‘I’m feeling crappy’ is enough. Knowing someone is listening to you. I am aware that not everyone is fortunate enough to have that sadly. At the end of this page, I have added links to some services that may be of use.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Change Your Routine

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny change like getting coffee from a new shop or massive like the changing the job you hate so much. Mix it up a little and shake your routine up. You may find that in doing so you’re mojo is magically restored. Sometimes life can become very mundane and feel a bit like groundhog day. That’s enough to sap the motivation out of a neon 90’s go-go dancer.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

Get Your Head Out Of Your Butt?

No, I’m only joking but there might be something there. I mean we should all indulge in these feelings a little, I feel. It’s not something we can help ourselves in doing. After all, we are complex humans with a vast array of emotions and thoughts. Those should be allowed to be felt and processed but not dwelled upon. The more you dwell the worst you can make the feelings. Almost like giving them strength through the power of thought. This you should not be allowed. So give yourselves a few days and then pull your socks back up and get on my lovely.

I am aware that for some people all of these may not be possible and their feelings may be a deeper problem. If you feel that might be the case for your self then please seek some help. Your own doctor and also services such asΒ MindΒ can offer some non-judgemental advice and help if you feel it is something you might need. This is a UK based organisation but please just Google a health service in your area if this one isn’t right for you. Remember my lovelies take care of yourself because you are so special.

How to get motivated ten ways to Motivate yourself

I hope that this post has helped some of you who may be struggling to find your motivation. I hope it returns to you soon if you’re are struggling. Do you struggle with lack of motivation? Do you think any of these tips will work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx



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