Casual Relationships

Let’s talk about Sex Baby!

I know, I know a little bit out there for me on my blog posts! Let me just explain why I wanted to talk about casual relationships, f*#k buddies or what ever you choose to call it!


In my day to day life, I have been with my partner since we were 15 years old. So, in regards to casual relationships, I don’t actually have any experience. I do, however, see lots of people in casual relationships. I also see how they try to keep it on the low down. Very hush and I get that too. It’s your business and people judge no matter what. What I don’t understand is the stigma still attached to those who chose to have casual relationships?


She’s such a slag

I could sit for hours talking about the inequality between men and women dating but I won’t. What I will mention is the names labelled to those who choose casual relationships. We’ve all heard them and perhaps used them. Names such as slut, whore or f*#k boys/girl.

We tend to forget though that these decisions are not ours. Although this lifestyle may not work for you it could for someone else. Who are we to deny people love and human interaction? In whatever form they choose to receive that love that is their decision.



Problems creep in when honesty steps out. If you’re leading someone else to believe that you have genuine feelings for them when you don’t. When you don’t say upfront “I’m just looking for something fun and casual”. There are plenty of people looking for the same thing. It may be a little hard to find them but they are they. In fact, there are so manyΒ adult dating sitesΒ dedicated to it. There really isn’t any excuse for hurting someone else in your pursuit for casual fun.


Who would benefit

Those who are not looking for commitment but still want some fun. If you don’t see it as aΒ marital affair and have an open relationship then a casual encounter might be great.Β I also think that someone who is struggling in the bedroom department mind finds jumping a few dating steps really helpful.


Life is hard. Dating is hard. People are hard. Why don’t we step back from others people’s lives and let them live it? More than that though we need to get our business out of other people’s sexual business too. As long as no one is being misled or hurt what is the problem? Promiscuity? Yeah, it’s 2018 and women don’t wear chastity belts anymore!


We’re so lucky we live in an age of the internet. Where love, dates and even sex is now accessible to most for free! Others may not agree with my opinion but the way I see it is. We are all just human. Perfectly imperfect. So let’s drop the stigma around sex in general but in particular casual sex and relationships. I mean as long as everyone is old enough, willing and using protection, then good on them. Live your life!

What are your thoughts on casual relationships? Let me know in the comments below my loves!

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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