When Should You Consider Tattoo Removal

Tattoos Are Forever?

“That’s going to be stuck on your body for the rest of your life!”

“You’re going to have those when you’re old!”

How to stop aging skin

Two sentences everybody with a tattoo has heard at least once in their lifetime. Some find it annoying and others are more passive, laughing it off. It depends if you love your tattoos or not I suppose. For many, their tattoos are apart of their identity and who they are. For other, they can feel real shame or embarrassment from their tattoo.Β I myself have heard these sentences on more than one occasion and I am yet to feel regret for any of my tattoos. This isn’t always the case though. An exes name, a drunken mistake or the ‘my mate said he was an artist”. Most people have heard these stories too. So, when should you consider tattoo removal? Are Tattoos really forever?

Once Upon A Time

tattoo removal

We are all well aware that when our parents were younger and so on, there was no way to remove tattoos. Or was there? Well, some have made careers of covering old tattoos. Putting a new tattoo design over the top of the existing one. The design will have to be larger than the tattoo you want to be covered for this to work. So if you have a large tattoo already that may not work. You could also opt for excision. Which is to literally cut it out, obviously leaving a scar. As time progressed there was an introduction of acid-based treatments and dermabrasion treatments. However, none worked as well as what would be coming.

Blacking Out

tattoo removal

The recent trend of whole body tattoos is very much real. From sleeves to leg pieces, we see them everywhere and tattoos as a whole are becoming a lot more common. They feel my feeds in all manners of ways. friends sharing their new pieces or artist sharing their work. On celebrities and sports stars to so many people now. A more recent trend of colouring over these tattoos in pure black in is just gross! In fact, it is downright ridiculous when there are alternatives out there. Now that really would be a problem to fix!

Laser Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal

UsingΒ laser removal to break down the pigments in the ink to a smaller size. This size is easily absorbed and then expelled, by the body naturally. Dependent on the vibrancy of the colour and the size will depend on how many treatments you will need but you should see results after very few treatments. Revealing your natural and healthy skin underneath. Which sounds much better than any other alternatives.

tattoo removal

So, do you have any regrettable tattoos? DID you have any? Let me know in the comments below my lovelies and if you’d like more info etc. About laser tattoo removal you can find everything you need rightΒ here. Overall though always take the time before making a decision that may not be as simple to come back from.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx


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