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As we all know by now I am a hairy Mary. Unlike lots of my fellow Mary’s, I am not one for embracing my human fur. I know there is a huge wave of women not pruning or clipping. Letting it all grow free and I love it. I love they feel confident enough to rock their natural bodily hair. I love that they are making changes to what it is to ‘be a woman’. More power to them.

Best Hair Removal

I’m still hairy though

However, I am not one of these women! That is ok as I am individual with opinions and preferences for my own body. I like to keep smooth and hair free as possible. With Summer in full swing, this is now an absolute must. With this in mind today I’m going through the various products available for hair removal. The pros the cons and everything in between. So, if like me, you’re a hairy Mary this post is for you.


Best Hair Removal

I feel shaving for women is becoming such a primitive beauty procedure. Almost cave women status. However, the market for razors is still worth millions of pounds. People are still shaving. They offer quick and easy instant results at a stroke of your blade. 15 minutes from head to toe and your good to go. Shaving is a fairly inexpensive way to rid yourself of hair but it is not without some drawbacks. Shaving rash is horrible, sore and itchy. A red rash that isn’t pleasant can be caused by blunted razors. Even using the wrong type of razor on your skin. I learnt this the hard way after using my male partner’s razor! Much too close a shave and my poor legs took the brunt. Skin protection both during and after shaving is vital for the skin but this makes it cost more. This still doesn’t mean that the dreaded shavers rash won’t be back either. It just means it will be less likely. Skin protection while shaving is a must.


Best Hair Removal

Can you say “owww”? Waxing uses a sticky wax and sheets of materials that stick and hold the hair. These are then ripped out from the body. Again the results are instant but this can be a little painful. It can also leave you with red skin. If you have sensitive skin it may also break the skin a little and it can appear flaky. It is so fast though that once it’s done your good for a while as it lasts longer than shaving.

Hair Removal Creams

Best Hair Removal

Ah, those weird pots your mum would always have in the bathroom tucked away. Telling you not to touch under any circumstances. Yes, hair removal creams. Slather on and wash off to reveal smooth and hairless skin? Well, I have found that this is not always true. Sometimes it leaves the hair elastic and stretchy. It smells awful and has been known to give a few skin reactions. Lots of people use these creams trouble free but It can be messy and a bit of a hassle. Not what you’re looking for when you want to be as sleek as a seal!


Best Hair Removal

Ladies welcome to the future! We live in a time where science and beauty coincide in pure unity. Little lasers that target the hair follicle and destroy it. Leaving your skin silky, smooth and absolutely perfect. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let a professional take care of it for you. Pulse Light Clinic have over 15 years experience in skin care including laser hair removal, anti-ageing treatments and even tattoo removal amongst many other amazing, futuristic beauty treatments. Basically everything a beauty and pamper lover could want. They are one of the leading clinics in laser hair removal. The process they use is called selective photothermolysis (photo- means light and thermolysis means to destroy with heat). Using the Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela and if you’d like to see the results you can see here. It works by emitting a light laser that targets the dark target matter (your hair follicle). It can then destroy this dark target matter without damaging any other surrounding area! Suitable for all skin types and a huge hit for men too!

With one of their clinics located within a small walk of The Tower of London (meaning easy train and tube access). On the first floor of Peek House. Or their second Clinic, another short tube ride on Percy Street. Why not check it out and make a day of it in the capital and take some girlfriends.

Although this treatment may take a couple of weeks to show the true results. However, once the hair has shed and gone. It’s gone forever as no hair will be able to grow there again. Also as a side note, this is not electrolysis and you don’t feel much. Described by clients as an elastic band ping sensation. You can find out any more info you might want to know here. It has all and any info you might need.

There are, of course, more hair removal treatments available. These are the most cost effective or just effective so I thought they’d be great to share for all your hairy Summer needs. Plus it works on all skin types so everyone can enjoy.

Best Hair Removal

Which hair removal treatments do you use? Or don’t you? Which would you love to try? Let me know your tips and thoughts in the comments below my loves.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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