Getting That Perfect Bod

It’s Just Not Working

Having a Child, well the act of growing a child then. Puts a massive strain on a woman’s body. Yes, your belly gets bigger and your boobs. Also, your hands and feet swell too because becoming massive over the rest of your body isn’t enough, apparently. Perhaps you’ve had a dramatic weight loss and can’t shift those last awkward bits of arm or back fat? There are so many factors that can have an effect on a woman’s body and how it looks. More importantly, though it can affect how she feels about it.

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Many people claim to have amazing workouts that will either rid you of extra weight. Tone you up in a matter of weeks and so many people can agree. Most of them are unachievable or it’s just lies that don’t actually work.

The problem we have in our world is we now expect instant results for not much work. In my case, I have ‘invisible illness’ that stops me from being able to work out as heavily as I need to really tone my stomach. Or perhaps you’re so busy you don’t have the time to work out for hours a week?

The Gym and Healthy Living

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So regular gentle exercises are good for everyone. Whether it’s a walk to work or a more structured work out in the gym. We all know the benefits of it and still many of us are unable to use these services for so many reasons. Confidence, personal health or even mental health.

Eating well and taking care of yourself mentally can also have a huge impact on your all aspects of life. It can not, however, shift that last few pounds, get rid of a double chin or help rid you of your mum-tum.

In fact, sometimes the skin stretches so much that it CAN’T stretch back to its original shape. It has nothing to do with not exercising or eating right. The skin is loose now and no amount of healthy eating or crunches will help.

So What Do You Do?

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So what do you do then? You’re not looking for anything too dramatic, as in no surgery. So where do you go now? As we discussed in Best Hair Removal post. Science is leading the way in the beauty industry and we are all living the dream for it. From lasers to microneedles. Science is champion in the beauty industry right now. Allowing many to enhance their own beauty with less invasive treatments. One Clinic at the forefront of that is Pulse Light Clinic, London. Located in central London and offering treatments for anti-ageing, weight loss, tattoo removals and so many more to cover all your beauty and body needs. Only 3 minutes from Bank station and they offer the most innovative treatments.

Fat Freezing

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It is exactly as it sounds my love. Simply sit back and one of the lovelies at Pulse Light Clinic will take care of everything for you. They have over 15 years of skincare experience. Offering anti-ageing treatments and laser hair removal amongst their many amazing treatments. With two clinics within short tube rides in London. Defo take the girls and all treat yourself I say!

Having the CoolSculpting pack target your problem areas for an hour. Such as tummy, back or chin fat that’s hard to lose, for example. It will literally freeze the fat which is then slowly excreted out of the body through its own natural process. First, removing fat from the targeted area and once flushed out, from the whole body for good. It is essentially speeding up certain natural process’ of your own body. You can find the videos and results here.

At first, you may feel an intense cold and a little suction. Once the area is fully numb you won’t feel a thing. Then just sit and relax for an hour while science works its magic. Once done there is no downtime as it’s non-invasive. So once you’re finished you’re done and good to go. Don’t forget results vary and it can take a few weeks to see visible results but it will work.

This is completely non-invasive with no needles or anything that might be off-putting. Just a quick and easy way to a perfect body. Pulse Light Clinic is known for their easy beauty treatments with some of the best results. God bless science, beauty and Pulse Light Clinic! For any and all information you could need please check it out here.

I want to try this for my belly. Not that I have any weight to lose there but I would like for it to be toned again. Would you try this? Have you tried this? Let me know everything in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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