The 3 Key Parts To A Child’s Bedroom That’s Perfect

The problem with creating a fun and functional sleep space for your child is that it also has to be so much more. Such areas have to be a place they can play, somewhere they can have some chill out time, a place that stores all of their clothes and toys, and even a place where they can get creative with paints and crafts. In fact, it can seem like an impossible task to create space that fulfils all of these requirements. However, I’m here to tell you it is possible, and if you read the post below you will find out how.

Sleep and Chill area

Of course, the most vital part of any child’s bedroom is providing them with sleep space that is conducive to relaxing and drifting off to sleep effortlessly. After all, it can be hard enough to get them to sleep at night without making things any worse, especially when they are teething!

Luckily, by choosing something like the offerings from the toddler bed range at Cuckooland you can create a space that they will love and that will help them to sleep well each night. Some of the beds even have enclosed type spaces which are perfect for separating them off from the rest of the room and creating a relaxing space that is conducive to having a happy and well-rested child.

Storage area

Once you have with bed sorted it’s a good idea to take a look at the storage in your child room. Of course, it can be challenging to get the balance between having enough space, and not allowing the storage aspect of the room dominate the rest.

One way to do this is to go for built-in storage which can help to create a particular area that clothes and toys are limited to. Alternatively, I’ve seen many successful kids room ideas online where parents install floating shelves. They then use smaller storage boxes in bright and fun colours to create a pleasant atmosphere, but one that also provides plenty of room for all their kid’s stuff.

Craft, play, reading area

Now, most parents want to encourage their child to be as creative as possible and crafting, drawing, reading and play a massive part in this.

Of course, providing a designated space for these types of activity to happen is a vital aspect of encouraging your child, as if they have regular access to such activities they are much more likely to establish them as habits.

Also, it can be a great way to limit the carnage of any creative and play sessions in the rest of the home. Therefore, with that in mind, including a table and some child-sized chairs in your kid’s room can be a fantastic idea.


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You can even install low-level storage so they can access the resources and items they want on their own (providing they are safe to do so). Something that can help to give them a sense of independence that they will not only enjoy but will set them up to mature effectively too.

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