Showing Your Bod off in the Summer

Showing Your Bod Off In The Summer

Summer is the time in which we let loose a little, hit the beach as much as we can, and sweat out all those meals out with our friends and family now we’ve got the time to! And dressing up is something we always enjoy doing, but you can very easily run out of options to do so when the sun is always out.

Now that you’ve worked your butt off to make sure you’ve got the perfect bod to appreciate in the mirror, it’s the time to dress it properly for the summer light and a bit of fun in the sun! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be hard! So here’s a couple of ideas to work with.

Even if there’s no beach nearby to pose at, if you’ve got a camera and a nice backdrop, the summer means you’re allowed to dress down a little!


Have a Form Fitting Top Layer

Top layers aren’t really things to talk about during summer, but you need something strong enough to keep the worst of the sun’s rays off of your back when the sunscreen runs out. If you’ve got something to go over your main outfit, and to make sure you’re never too exposed before you hit the beach and recline on a towel, you’re going to look perfect for any occasion. Honestly, a wardrobe is never complete without a good coat, no matter what the weather is like!

But with the extreme heats we’ve been going through lately, that’s probably the last fashionable item you want to invest in… Don’t worry, there’s plenty of sheerer materials to dress your shoulders up in, like that of Kashmir Shawls. When you’ve got a shawl or pashmina to really outline those arm muscles you’ve been working hard, you’re going to be leaving everyone wanting more as you walk past them on the street! There’s nothing quite like teasing with a hint of how amazing your summer body really is.

Get Those Legs Out!

We’ve all got legs, and whether we have knobbly knees or some thicker thighs, they’re a good asset to show off when the sun is out and you’ve got plenty of sweat to be rid of! So make sure you’re not hiding them away this season, and buy a good pair of shorts or a skirt that accentuates your hips at the same time, and get to showing off!

Not to mention, there’s plenty of tights out there that are thin enough to let the sun in whilst still being skin coloured and giving your skin tone a more even finish. Invest in some from your local clothes shop, as they’re cheap and easy to pick up, and can be the perfect finishing touch.

Showing off your summer bod is something you should take the chance to do every year, especially if you’re the parent of a new baby and really have something to boast about! Buy some clothes that are sheer and stylish to boost your confidence!

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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