Love Island – The Worst Show Ever?

It Promotes Casual Sexual Relationships!

The time in the Villa is over for the all young hopefuls of this year’s Love Island. With Dani and Jack crowned as the winners and taking home that prize kitty of Β£50k. It has been the talk of Summer 2018 and with it now at an end, many find 9pm a sad time. Empty and just not as loyal as it once was. Love, arguments to awkward dates. Watching these strangers try to navigate complex or not so complex (Alex) feelings for each other. Has been the highlight of many people’s summer.


Love Island is a very marmite show for many. You love it or you hate it right? Lots of people enjoy the bitchiness of it all. Many enjoy watching the genuine relationships that blossom and some just enjoy watching people in some really awkward situations. Trying to figure out who actually fits with who. Who is being genuine and real?

On the other side of this, however, there are many that believe Love Island promotes promiscuity, ridicule and casual sex. That no genuine relationships are formed and it’s all a show. Not only is it fake but it may also be promoting undesirable behaviour. That it could perhaps be affecting the way we look at relationships?

Even if it is, you’ve got a remote turn it over! There is no denying the core of the show it was it is. Contestants go on this show to date around a few people in the hopes they find one they genuinely like. Or like enough to stick it out to win the money. The concept is simple and some might even say vulgar. Do people go in with a game plan? Is it all a fix? Is it even right to promote this type of behaviour?

Time to Get Over Yourself

Here’s the thing though. It’s 2018 people! If consenting adults want to hook up after a night out or arrange aΒ sex dateΒ with someone. Or have casual relationships until they find a genuine someone. Then we should all have that freedom you choose for ourselves. As long as you’re being safe and are old enough to make those choices then they are yours to make. We don’t all need to marry the first person we find. How else are people meant to find out what they like in a partner and what they don’t? Variety is the spice of life so they say and why should dating be any different? The answer is it shouldn’t and it looks like the ‘Snowflake’ generation is the ones leading the way, oh the irony!

photo of two women

As long as no one is being strung along and everyone knows where they stand then a bit of no strings datingΒ might be just what you need. No commitment and all the fun. Maybe you’re on the rebound after a serious relationship and you just want some fun. Perhaps you’re too busy with work life to maintain a long-term romantic relationship.

You will be surprised how many people are looking for this and are too afraid to ask. In such a fast-paced world of jobs, responsibilities, friends, family, errands and more work. Not everyone is able to maintain full-time romantic relationships. Stop the judging I say! What goes on in other people’s bedrooms is not your business unless it’s affecting yours! People have a way to many thoughts and opinions on others people’s sexual choices. Just one more time so everyone can hear it….. it isn’t your business!

beach calm clouds coast

I going to admit I was not an avid fan of Love Island. However, I feel the show was fun and it supplied so many great memes. Does it promote a ‘bad’ sort of behaviour? I would say no as each person there was a grown adult. The same way, as an adult you can choose to not behave the same way the contestants did if that’s your preference. You don’t even have to watch! Just remember that there is nothing wrong with a casual relationship just because you wouldn’t partake in one.

Did you enjoy Love Island this year? Do you think the right couple won? Do you think it promotes undesirable behaviour? Let me know everything in the comments below.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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