The Science of Beauty

The Beauty of Science

Recently I have been thinking about how I can maximise my beauty without being too invasive. The things is my loves, I’m a mere 7 months away from being 30. I am needing a little wrinkle work now as my skin is ageing and changing. I would love to be fully rid of the omelette area I call a mum-tum. Overall we all hit a point where we want a beauty overhaul but don’t want or need to go under the knife.

Well, ladies, as I have mentioned in previous posts Science, is our new mistress. To lend a hand in the battle of women loving their bodies. Becoming who they want with the body, face, legs you want. Can I get a hallelujah?

Pulse Light Clinic

Pulse Light Clinic is at the forefront of the science of Beauty. Located in central London they are at the heart of British beauty and are innovators of new treatments and techniques. With over 15 years experience in all things beauty, you couldn’t be in better hands. Offering futuristic treatments with REAL results for real men and women.

Easy to find with tube access within a walking distance of both clinics. You won’t need to be wandering the capital lost. Also within the vicinity of all the great shops so why not make a day of it with your friends.

Anti Aging

With ageing skin being a prime source of annoyance for many people. There are many treatments that the Pulse Light Clinic offer that have resounding results. Again, being careful to never be too invasive and offering the best results.

Chemical Peel

Just to note this treatment is only available at the Fenchurch Clinic. Using an acid peel with leave your skin smoother, plumper and tighter. It will also even out any uneven skin tones or dark spots you may have.

Suitable for all skin types it works by speeding up your skins natural shedding process. Aiding your skin in ‘peeling’ the dead top layers after 24-48 hours. This is obviously dependent on the consistency of the acid used. Leaving you with new, fresh younger looking skin.

Only taking around 30 minutes and with little downtime. Meaning you can carry on with your day once your done. Um…..30 minutes to younger skin……..where’s my purse!

Not many people don’t realise that this treatment is also not exclusive to the face! Have dark spots elsewhere on your body? You can use this! Suffering from backne? This will help! Or to help in making sun damage or acne scars less visible. A chemical peel may just be your answer. Click the link above for all the information though.

Anti Aging Lasers

I have to admit this, scientifically, if my fave treatment. Just because how amazing it really is and how science can be used in beauty.

So, a PicoWay Laser will target your wrinkled areas. It will trick the body into thinking the area is damaged and then our body goes to work. To ‘heal’ the damaged area. Your body will then produce extra collagen and elastin to fix the problem. This, in turn, will ‘fix’ your fine lines and wrinkles. Essentially, Again, just speeding up or inducing our bodies natural processes.

Suitable for any skin types and again with no downtime. Why not have your very own Witches of Eastwick moment. Go in old and tired come out fresh-faced and younger!


This is also known as micro-needling and works similarly to the PicoWay laser. This target a smaller area though and is a little more intense. However, it is still non-invasive and is known as non-surgical rejuvenation.

Using lots of tiny needles in an acupuncture style confined within a handheld Dermapen. It’s almost like opening the pores on damaged areas. Tricking the body into ‘healing’ the area that has been focused on. This will leave you with fewer signs of ageing, wrinkles and dark spots. Acne scars can be dramatically faded as can sun damage. It can also be used for hair loss problems. Really amazing!

More Treatments

Whether it’s, wrinkles, scars, Acne or even Rosacea (bright red pigment of the skin). Pulse Light Clinic can help and have you looking and feeling a million bucks! They have it all!


You’ve got your skin perfect! You’re wrinkle-free and feeling fresh thanks to all the above treatments. Know your body is feeling a little neglected? Don’t panic loves! Pulse Light Clinic have you covered there also.

Stretch Marks

Some people are able to wear theirs like the absolute tigers that they are. Some don’t want to and would love to be rid of their stripey legs, boobs or belly. We live in a time of choice ladies and it’s glorious! This means there is something you can do about your stretch marks.

This package is only available at the Bank clinic but is suitable for Asian or black skin tones as those need a little extra love. Some lasers can be damaging to these skin types so your professional must know how to treat this varied skin types.

Using fraction laser technology that sends short pulses of laser energy into the affected scar tissue. Breaking it down while simultaneously aiding in collagen production to renew the area.

Being one of only a tiny amount of places to offer this treatment wave bye to all those stretch marks. Whether it’s from gaining or losing weight, pregnancy or puberty. It won’t be long before you’re seeing the results.

Fat Freezing

Another innovative leap by science in the pursuit of beauty! How does it work though? Seriously freezing fat?

Well yes actually! CoolSculpting uses Cryolipolysis to target difficult areas of fat. Such as back fat or arm fat that is difficult to shift. Sit for one hour with the CoolSclutping technology placed over your target area. It will be cold and tight but once the numbing is in full effect you won’t feel a thing.

Once the fat has been frozen for an hour your own body will then get to work. When we work out and lose weight our body ‘gets rid of it’ via our natural excretion process. Meaning through the bowels or bladder or sweat. This is exactly how it works and again just speeds up your own natural process of losing weight. By triggering the place you’d like to lose weight just means you can have not control.

Suitable for any skin types and no downtime at all, you could lose weight at lunch!!!!

Tattoo Removal

Many people have a regrettable tattoo. Perhaps an exes name or one you chose when you were young that you no longer like? There used to be a time when a tattoo really was permanent but with science to help….

Pulse Light is using PicoSure/PicoWay lasers in their treatments which uses a photo-mechanical laser. This is opposed to the usual photo-thermal lasers. This difference in laser along with the shorter pulses means less space in between treatments.

It breaks the ink down so the body is able to absorb it. Requiring less heat and less energy it leaves surrounding skin tissue undamaged. Here you can find some of the great results.

Laser Hair Removal

The absolute dream would be to have the hair disappear. Now that can happen because Pulse Light offer this amazing laser hair removal.

Using the gentle max pro that will target the hair follicle and destroy it with a heat laser. Known as photothermolysis (photo- means light and thermolysis means to destroy with heat). The best thing about it is, it doesn’t target any of the surrounding skin so there is no damage. Just the hair follicle.

Your hair will continue to grow and eventually shed. This is the kicker though as it will NEVER grow back Again! EVER!!!!

Suitable for all skin types but will take multiple treatments as the laser only targets active growing hairs. After a treatment, you may notice redness of the area and slight raises or bumps. This is just the hair follicle and this should all subside within 48 hours. Can be used in most places on the body.

For me, this is a dream as I am really hairy. It’s THAT one thing I’d change about myself. So, it’s nice to know that for me and other hairy Mary’s that we have a real option available.

This is also only a fraction of what Pulse Light Clinic have to offer so make sure you check all of it out. Like I say, you may as well make the most of it hit the Pulse Light Clinic then a spa, nice hotel and dinner. Bit of shopping with the girls! Treat yo self!

I am defo thinking this might be a hen weekend idea for me! Prep up for the big day and a bit of girly time. Or just grab the girls before you jet off on your holibobs. Perfect and the most unified blessings of Science and beauty!

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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