Dream Homes

Dream Renovations

We all love to have a daydream don’t we my loves. Whether it’s about that hot delivery person, our dream vacation or your dream home. Letting our imagination run away and being able to have whatever we want. Literally a dream!

Home inspiration

Recently my partner and I have decided that our house will soon be in need of a tidy up and repaint. However, I can’t help but let myself daydream and I am loving it. Do you add French doors? New sofa or just an upcycle? Do you let yourself get imaginatively carried away to at the start of a redecorating adventure? Two coats of pain and it’s usually gone (insert winky emoji).

Why Should You Spruce up?

I know lots of people who decorate their houses like once a year. I know people who wait at least 5 years and I know some people who haven’t decorated for donkey years.

business catalog cloth color

It is, however, a great idea to redecorate at least once every 5 years at least if you can. It will help keep your house clean and organised. It can help with an illness such as asthma. Not forgetting the age-old saying ‘Tidy House, Tidy mind’.

The other side is also it’s nice to keep your digs up to scratch. Decorated to your own personal tastes. It’s important to feel at home in your home.

It’s Getting Elaborate

A lick of paint, a roll of wallpaper and even new carpet. So many little things can have a huge effect on the aesthetic of a room. Lighting, new doors and even adding some newΒ aluminium windows can have an even larger effect.

apartment bed bedroom comfort

But what if money was no object? You can’t move house though. What changes would you make?

  1. Extend my lounge and add French doors to my garden. This would be my first job if money was no object. I love big windows and also love bringing the outdoors in. This would be such a great way to achieve that.
  2. Finish my garden. When my partner and I moved in we found the garden a little messy. The front garden is huge. We’re talking at least 20ft by 10ft and that’s just one side of my front garden. The elderly lady who lived here before had plonked trees randomly over it. Presumably to make the grass cutting a less huge job. We only kept the plum tree. Which is my favourite and it actually fruits every year. Then in the back garden where we could only see a small 10ft by a 10ft patio. There was, in fact, another like 20ft of the garden hidden under more huge trees. It has taken us a long time to get it where it is. It’s still not finished as it’s a yearly grind to get the next section done the way we want it. If money was no object it would be done and dusted that’s for sure.
  3. A driveway because I’m a boring grown-up. Yes, living the real dream and adding a much-needed drive to my property. Again, this is in the pipeline but money doesn’t come out my ears. Parking in my small town is becoming worse and worse. This would help massively.
  4. Renovate my outhouse shed. Yes, that’s right my loves. In my back garden, I have a large brick shed that I would love to add a window to and have plastered etc. I would love to turn it into my blog spot. My little Tahnee’s Blog secret lair. In fact, I may actually have to look into this one as a little space of my own sounds divine!!!

What Would You Change?

portrait of beautiful young woman over white background

Would you add French doors like me? Perhaps you’d like to add an ensuite to your house. 100% if you share it with teens.

I think most people would have changes they’d make to their home. Especially if money is no object. Sadly, for us mere mortals it is. This doesn’t mean those dream home renovations are impossible. Be savvy and shop about and try your hand at a bit of DIY. You never know what you might achieve. I do suggest leaving dangerous jobs to the professional.

I am now feeling so energised to get the house up together! We all love a fresh new look and spruce up don’t we loves. So, let me know all your home plans for the rest of the year? Or do you have big plans for 2019? Let me know in the comments below my loves.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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