Dating Over 40

Fashion for Over 40’s

I love strong, mature and gorgeous women. My favourite aged women have to be 40 plus and there are a few reasons. They know what they want but more importantly what they don’t want. Life has taught them to be ruthless and passionate to get what they want. They really are a force to be reckoned with.

woman embracing the man

I also love how just because you’ve hit a ‘certain age’ style doesn’t just go out the window. With absolute style icons such as Jennifer Aniston, J-lo and the stunning Kris Jenner. Who has shown that over 60s dating is not a taboo subject? Age does not hold us ladies back any more. In fact, we are a fine wine, only improving with age.

The Dating Game

This is the problem though. The Dating ‘Game’. Once you hit a certain age which is a long time before 40 (believe me) you don’t want games!

battle black blur board game

You want the dating experience with as little game playing as possible. The one way to get straight to the point in no uncertain terms is with your outfit. That’s right ladies let your outfit do the talking for you. Show off the bits you love and don’t show the bits you don’t. However, make sure that your looking chic and classy. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.


Lots of people have ‘bingo wings’ and I’m just throwing it out there that I hate that term. They’re just arms but I do understand for some this is a body issue. It has so many solutions and here I am sharing some great trends to help you out.

High Waist and Long Sleeves


Why not try a high waisted pant or jean with a detailed, long sleeve blouse. Tuck in the blouse to accentuate your bust. You can even have a nice v cut shirt. Why not be bang on trend with a frill or ruffle on a quarter length sleeve? Sleek and chic but will also hide your arms whilst pulling you in at the waist!

Cropped Jackets


Some straight cut slacks, a cute detailed blouse and a cropped jacket are all you need. Heels or flats or even some cute brogues to add a dash of personality. All the while hiding all the bits you want to and showing off what you’ve got.


There are so many women who have great pins and never get them out. From my personal experience, there is no age restriction on this. Women from all walks of life hide away their incredible legs. If you’re over 40 and feeling like you want to get them out but you don’t want to get them OUT this is for you.

The Leather Midi

Dorothy Perkins

Leather and leather look are going to be massive for Autumn/Winter 2018. Let’s pair that with the pleated style that was strewn across the catwalk. Why not brave a leather pleated midi? The pleat will help the material hug your body and skim it in all the right places. The leather look adds a sexiness to it. Showing off your legs and doing it right to show your date you mean business.

Dress To Impress

Dresses are such a great choice for dates. They can be so flattering and can cover every flaw you need them too. As above, you can hide or show your arms with short and long sleeves. You can show or not show as much as leg as you like. If you are conscious of your waist area get a dress that pulls in under your boobs. Choose a floaty material to lightly float over the rest of your body. For shorter ladies why not go for a smaller skirt and show more legs making them appear longer. High heels will also help there.


Amazing prints to help make you appear taller, vertical stripes. Or wider if you want more shape, horizontal. Or even a cute bodycon dress with all the panels in the right place for a cinched in look.

This year Animal print is going to be huge and for Over 40 I am highly suggesting handkerchief dresses. Just oozes easy elegance. If you can pull off both your on to a winner!

Yours Clothing


There is no denying that women’s body is forever changing. Whether it’s pregnancy, weight gain or menopause. Our bodies never give us a break.

SS1715_Very Black_MAIN

With an ever-changing body, it can be difficult to dress it in a way that suits both our tastes and our actual body. This is why it’s important to have a well-fitted bra. This should not be too tight or loose. Do not wear the wrong cup size as this will not help your figure. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of spanks! Even if your slim they can really smooth out an outfit and polish it off. Supportive underwear is about just that support so don’t be afraid to grab some support for that hot date.

If you’re struggling to find the one don’t be afraid to check out some cougar dating sites and go get that date. Use these tips and enjoy those dates ladies!!

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx


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