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Hello to all you beautiful people. I feel like it’s been a minute since I last have had an update on the blog, life and a bit of general chit chat.

So how are we all? Are we enjoying the Summer break so far? Have you been anywhere exciting this year? Finances have been a real strain for us this year so we’ve had to make do with a few day trips out rather than a holiday. You’ve got to love it when your car doesn’t pass the MOT! It’s never an easy job is it! We all wished to grow up so fast, didn’t we? Besides that, we’ve still had lots of fun though and visited friends and family. So, it’s still been busy and enjoyable if a little more thrifty. If you’re running a little light on cash towards the end of the break. Or if you’re just struggling for some ideas to keep little hands busy. Why not check out these rainy day activities you can do at home. Most of them are free or really cheap. Including a homemade playdough recipe that’s really quick and easy so worth a look.

Here are a few things we’ve been up to during our Summer break so far.


With only 1 week to go, we also have a few more activities left to do. Such as a bit more baking and a day out together somewhere in nature just enjoying the last bit of time before routine kicks in again. We also have a cinema trip planned so that will be fun. I’m kind of ready for routine again if I’m honest. Back to normality so to speak.


girls on desk looking at notebook

Have you got all the bits ready for the new term? I had to buy two sets this year as my youngest is starting his first year in September. However, we are finished and ready to go besides labelling. I am so excited for my youngest starting but my heart is breaking for myself. I’m not ready to not have one of my babies at home with me. For 7 years I’ve been looking at naked butts, giving snacks and washing grubby cheeks for the majority of the day? I’m not sure how ready I am for it to be honest. Fewer butts are ok though (lol kids)! My Bobby, however, is beyond excited and ready. He keeps telling me all the activities he can’t wait to indulge in bless his heart.

blonde hair blur daylight environment

My eldest is off into year 3 and I can’t believe how fast he is growing. It felt like yesterday he was a chubby and cheeky toddler. Now he’s nearly 8 and nearly as tall as I am. Going to school discos and after-school clubs. One of the most proficient readers in his class and has the imagination of a young Tim Burton. Yes, I am one proud mama, Nightmare before Christmas is one of our faves.

Life is moving at a fast pace and won’t slow down for me any time after September that’s for sure. Two big birthdays, Halloween and Christmas to name the big events.

Autumn and Winter

Blogging over Autumn and Winter is one of my favourite times as they’re my favourite months. Super cosy with candles and blankets. Hot chocolates, crispy leaves, fluffy socks and onsies!!! Plus you’re in the house more so I find more time to write. I find that a hot cup of tea, a good snack and something on in the background and I’m good to blog!



I have so much planned for the rest of the year. Including some amazing crafts for both Halloween and Christmas. Great classics from last year include Halloween greats like ghost bowling and some gruesome grub ideas for the little ones. Not forgetting the Christmas greats such as candy cane candy or perfect Christmas baths. Let’s not forget just general Autumn awesomeness. Some Autumn and Winter fashion and makeup. I’ve already got some looks in mind. With some great trends to share to keep you fashion ready through fall.



I want to do more baking this Autumn and will share all those little treats with you. I’m also wanting to share how to bring Autumn into your home and how you can do that. Baking is a perfect way to get you in the right mood and the house smelling seasonal. Lots and lots to look forward to and keep us busy. Make sure to follow my social media so you don’t miss a thing.


To finish this little update blog I thought I’d run a little giveaway alongside it. As I know I missed a couple of months of giveaways. It’s just my of saying thank you for always being so supportive and understanding. So let’s have a look at what you could get your hands on and how you can do it.

What’s up for grabs?

So, we have a little jewellery haul for you lovelies today and one of you could be lucky enough to win 18 pieces of jewellery!!!



We have this cute set of 8 stacked rings. A super cute and boho design. These are the perfect finish to any look.




There are 4 silver necklaces up for grabs and that includes one for your bestie. Check the pics above for all the necklaces plus the besties angel wings.



6 on trend, black, 90s styled chokers. Some have little pendants and others have gorgeous designs on the bands. Who doesn’t love a good choker? I love how they can be dressed up for a more classy look or down for something more casual and nostalgic.

How do I win?

Simply complete the 4 following steps to be entered into my list and have a chance at winning the prize draw.

  1. Go and give my Facebook page a follow. I’ll be announcing the winner there, live so you won’t want to miss that.
  2. Share the pinned post associated with this giveaway. I mean sharing is caring after all.
  3. Comment or tag a friend on the post. Maybe the person you’ll share your angel wing with.
  4. Come back here and comment below when you are done so I can add you to the list.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning 18 pieces of jewellery! This giveaway will run from now until 20/11/2018 at 7pm. I will then live draw on my Facebook page to draw the winner. The winner will be contacted via Facebook and email. The winner will have one two weeks to claim the prize. This giveaway is only open to UK residents only.

Well, my lovelies what piece do you want? Who would you give the guardian angel necklace to if you won? Let me know below. I hope you love this giveaway and good luck.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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  1. Kayley HILL says:

    fab x


  2. Jane Shaw says:

    All done, lovely giveaway thanks


  3. Gemma Aktekin says:

    All Done, Gemma Aylin Aktekin


  4. Steph Lovatt says:

    all done, thank you


  5. Susan Hoggett says:

    all done!

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    1. Excellent Susan and thanks for entering another giveaway. I always appreciate your support xx


    1. Brilliant will get you added xxx


  6. steve says:

    All done.
    Could be a winner.

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    1. Yes you could steve!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🍀🍀🍀


  7. Eilidh MacInnes says:

    All done. Fingers crossed.x


  8. Lisa Barker says:

    Amazing giveaway! Liked and shared

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    1. Will get you added to the list hun xx


  9. Heather T says:

    Liked, shared, tagged, thank you!

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    1. Will get you added Heather lovely xx


  10. Claire Nutman says:

    All done many thanks…

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    1. No problem chick! Love being able to give something back! X


  11. Julie Booth says:


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    1. I’ll add you Julie good luck my sweet c


  12. julie laing says:

    All Done

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    1. Will get you on Julie good luck x


  13. emibabs says:

    All done!


  14. Kerry says:

    Done ♥️

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    1. Awesome.babe will get you on the list xxx


  15. Laura says:

    Done 💜💜

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    1. Will get you on the list Laura good luck x


  16. Crystal says:

    Done 💕

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  17. CLAIRE says:

    I have liked your page ,Shared the Pinned post and tagged friends .It would be nice to win these fab jewelry.Thanks for this amazing chance .


    1. You are more than welcome Claire thank you for supporting my blog xxxx


  18. sheree jameson says:

    liked,shared, tagged, followed, fingers crossed your jewellery is beautiful.

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    1. Thanks sheree and good luck 😊😊😊😊


  19. cheryl hadfield says:


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    1. Good luck Cheryl xxx


    1. I will get you on the list hun good luck xx


  20. Angel witham says:

    Done ❤️

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  21. Charlotte says:

    All done! Very exciting! Xxx

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    1. Thanks charlotte! Are you going to be our first double winner?? Xxx


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