The Perfect Night Out

It’s Saturday and you’ve had a really stressful week. You really fancy a wild night with the girls? Like let’s hit up London! The only problem is how are you going to plan a perfect night out ready for later??? It’s impossible right…..well maybe not!

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Now there is an app that does it all for you loves and available in most countries! Clubbable let’s you check out what club nights are on and you could attend. Request to have your name put on the guest list so you’re not hanging about outside the venue. It really is a girls new best friend to her perfectly planned night out. So let’s take a look what you can acheive and how it works.

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Get The Party Started

Simply start by selecting the “go out” button or the “request a guest list/table”. You are then given an option to add who will be attending with you. Or if your on your own you can still add yourself. People can also invite you to join them so new friends too! You can also invite friends from your contacts list. Making it super easy to make sure everyone in your #squad gets their invite.

Now, simply sit back and promoters will contact you with amazing guest list opportunities or with the best quotes for a VIP table. Could it get any more celeb! I mean I would feel so legit with top London night life spots being like “No hang out with us”. Plus you are not obligated to take any offers either so win win, right?

Dinner, drinks, dancing it all sorted

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Once you have looked through your offers. You have select your chosen offer from a promoter and you contact them through the app. Together you will arrange your chosen options and you are good to go. Like seriously that’s it. Make sure you’re on time for the event though. Being on the guest list or booking a VIP table doesn’t make you Rhi Rhi. Don’t risk losing your spot by turning up late.

Dress to Impress

It is worth while remembering that most clubs and night spots don’t allow trainers. Be sure to check out if the club you want to attend has a dress code as alot do have them now. You do not want to be turned away at the door for dress code.

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Surely though, being either on the guest list or on a VIP table, will have you wanting to dress up for the role. Dress up to the nines girl and work that outfit. Remember heels are usually a must but for those of us who can’t wear heels. Get some striking flats instead and don’t be afraid to let people know that heels may not be an option for you medically.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the venue though as it really could be the difference of getting in and not.

What’s On?

In this section of the app you can check out what events are already scheduled. Whether it’s THAT day or a future date. You can find all the best nights available and again, you can request a spot on their guest list or their best quote for a VIP table. There is a huge selection of venues to chose from and most look extra af. Baring in mind you don’t have to accept the offers you’re given so why not see if you can grab a bargain.

My Parties

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Or you can start your own party. Simply decided when and who is going and you can even add a few chosen locations. From their you can decide which offer is best for you and arrange it with the promoter. It’s crazy to think a night out in London is this quick to sort!

VIP Anyone?

Next level VIP is awesome and could save yours or someone else night! Say you book a VIP table and not enough of your friends want to come? Someone else can pay towards it and use a seat. The same vice versa, so, you can join people with VIP tables too. Such a fab way to meet new people especially if you’re new to the area!

Who is it good For?

Do you have yours or your girls hen night coming up! It’s Clubabble. Have you planned a getaway and want some evening plans? It’s Clubabble. Looking to promote your little corner of the night life world. It’s Clubbable. Just want a decent night out because, like me, you live in the countryside? If the ‘wild night outs’ where you are from is more avoiding nature than fun…Clubabble.

Great if you are visiting from out of the country perhaps and need some help planning your visit. I mean I would need help planning events in London as I’ve not been out there before.

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I also feel there is a great application for professionals here. Need a VIP table for a particular event than give Clubbable a go. Looking for a certain style of event to link to or help promote then check out Clubabble.

How much does this cost

So, the app was free to download and as far as I have seen. I’ve not had to pay anything! They also have some great chances to earn a little yourself. Whether it’s by getting others to book through the app or by your invited friends simply using the app to sort their night out and filling out a survey. I have to say I am super impressed and feel that these can really help your night out not only be safer. Run far more smoothly and let’s face it. With either a guest list spot or a VIP table be 100% better than any other night out! I also feel that less waiting about outside venues is such a bonus. So be sure to let Clubbable hook you up hun. By looking at the ratings of the clubs it is clear that The Box and Cheque Le Soir are amongst the most popular hotspots. So go live it up!

Do you live for a wild night out? Do you dress in full club wear? Let me know everything in the comments below. Don’t forget to download the app which you can find here.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx





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  1. says:

    Sounds cool! I will try for sure, thanks :*


  2. Mary Laurine says:

    Thanks for this article, now I know which clubs to look forward to. I very well consider going wild for a night together with my closest friends! Thanks for those suggestions, darling! I will surely recommend Clubbable app to my friends as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mary I’m so.glad you found it helpful xx


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