Designing a Beautiful Nursery on a Budget

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With a new baby on the way, you want a nursery that is beautiful but does not cost the earth. As well as the fact money could be tight, they will very quickly grow out of the nursery you have prepared and want some that involve perhaps their favourite TV or film characters. Think in terms of the cost for the first couple of years the room is in use, and then you will be able to save money in several places.


Cot-beds might be a little more expensive to start with, but then they will convert at a later date, saving you the cost of a new bed. Some of them allow you to do the conversion to a bed, but to still have some railing on the side for additional safety until the child is a little older.

When the baby is first born, moses baskets are a great idea. Babies feel safer in a smaller more confined area, and you can pop the moses basket inside the cot for a while, so they get used to the cot around them.

Forget Baby Bedding

Baby bedding is not only very expensive, according to some experts, it can be dangerous. Cot blankets, bumpers and pillows pose more of a risk of suffocation and should not be used in a cot. These same experts say all that is needed is a well-fitting mattress with a thin, waterproof cover and a few changes of sheets. If the weather is cols and approved sleep sack is safer, or you can swaddle wrap baby to keep them warm.

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Don’t Buy A Changing Table

Changing tables are costly and useful for a very short time. As soon as the baby starts to move and roll, they are not safe on a table and then it is better to lie them on the floor to change their nappy. A padded changing mat is cheaper and a much better option.

What Do You Already Have?

Before you go buying any new furniture, look at what you already have. Does the room you are turning into a nursery have some furniture in it? An old chest of drawers can be renovated with a good sanding, a coat of paint and some new handles. An old armchair with a throw over it can be very comfortable for feeding and looks the part as well.

Your baby will be too young to appreciate the effort put into making their nursery look good, and really the work is all for you. Do not waste money on things that are not necessary, or when you can recycle something you already have.

Keep It Simple

It is more important the nursery is functional that ornate. Get creative with the wall paints if you like, but overall keep the nursery as simple as you can. It is a growing trend to have plain, pale shade walls. Then when the child is old enough, they are easy to put pictures on that they like rather than having things forced on them from birth that they may actually hate.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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