Must-Have Items For A Stylish Winter Wardrobe

Whether you like it or not, Autumn is on it’s way out, and winter is just around the corner. With Christmas and holiday preparations, there’s no denying that this season is magical, but being a time where weather can easily hit near antarctic conditions, it can get quite chilly too. Because of this, you’ll want to take the time to prepare your wardrobe and stock up on cosy pieces.  With that in mind, here are six must-have items you’ll need for your stylish winter wardrobe.


Chunky Sweater

Whatever the occasion, chances are, you’ll be able to wear a chunky-knit sweater. The warm and incredibly versatile piece of clothing can be paired with almost anything, from a midi skirt for a Christmas party to a collared shirt and trousers for a day in the office. For extra cosiness, opt for a size larger than you normally would. This also allows you to layer for especially chilly days.

Skinny Jeans

If there’s any time of year skinny jeans are most suited, it’s throughout the winter months. The close-fitting material helps to create a streamlined silhouette, allowing you to wear multiple layers without looking too bulky. They come in every colour you can imagine, with different details, letting you pair different pairs with a range of clothes and accessories for various events.

Leather Jacket

This is an ageless essential that can add an instant edge of coolness to almost any outfit. Whether you’re heading on a night out or into work, women’s leather jackets can keep you warm and completely transform your look. For winter, buying a size or two up from your normal is usually the best idea, as this allows you to layer shirts, scarves, and chunky jumpers.


Ankle Boots

Ballet flats and trainers may be your go-to shoes throughout spring and summer, but they won’t keep your feet warm or dry when it starts to snow. Because of this, you should invest in a great pair of ankle boots. This versatile wardrobe staple never seems to get old and will be a God-send when walking on snow-covered surfaces. Choosing a pair with tread can keep you upright too.

Fedora Hat

When most think of winter hats, they imagine chunky knit beanies with large pom poms on the top, but, while this is still a great option, there is one better – Fedoras. Although this particular hat may not spring to mind when you think of winter, the warm wool or felt, and large brim can help to keep your head warm and dry. They also add buckets of sophistication to any ensemble.


Wrap Scarf

An effortless and chic addition to any winter outfit is a blanket wrap scarf. This magical winter accessory can be styled in a number of ways, from wrapped around your body to simply thrown over the shoulder. However you choose to wear your wrap, it’s always made easier the larger the material, so make sure that you find the biggest one that you can.

Before winter really hits, make sure that you have the six wardrobe essentials listed above.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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