Saving Money

When Buying For a New Baby

Hello my beauts how are you all today? We are nearly half way through January already which just seems crazy but it flies by quickly. That’s what happens when your days are filled with small humans. Time just flashes by so fast.

Maybe you’re about to embark on the journey of becoming a parent? Or even expecting a new addition and growing your family? Either way there are lots of new changes ahead. I spoke about some of them in a recent post about Pregnancy.We are extending our own family this year with another little boy. Either way, you are about to start the most tiring, rewarding and expensive journey of your life.

Saving Money with a newborn

Babies are expensive, kids are expensive and teenagers are even more expensive! So, today I will be sharing some amazing tips on how to start as you mean to go on. Yes, babies do not come cheap. That’s just for the basics as well. There are cots and Moses baskets. Pushchairs and car seats or do you go for a travel system? Bottles and steriliser if you’re not breastfeeding. Pumps and nipple cream if you are. Clothes, bibs, blankets, nappies (diapers) whether you use disposable or cloth. Bath products and wet wipes. Bouncy chairs, swinging chairs and bumbos. The list of stuff can sometimes feel a little endless. Today I am sharing my top five tips to save money when shopping for your new baby. I mean who doesn’t love saving money where you can, right?


Saving Money on facebookThe latest edition of the Facebook Marketplace has allowed for finding some real bargains. Whether you need your purchases to be local or you just want to save some pounds Facebook is a great place to start. Even better if your really struggling then you may even find items for free. I would always suggest asking for viewing first before you purchase via Facebook. Do not be afraid to have a thorough look at the item either. Does it fold if it needs to? Is it broken in a way that stops it being safe or usable? Just make sure to check as we all hear the horror stories that can occur from faulty Facebook purchases. The way to avoid that is to really check it over and not being afraid of saying no thank you if it’s not right. That shouldn’t take away from the real bargains that can be found there. Buggies at over half their retail costs and highchairs for pounds sometimes. It’s definitely a great resource of your looking for some cheaper items.

Local Events

Saving Money buying for a new baby You may also be able to find some great events locally in your community. I know here where I live there is a market that is held throughout the year. It’s held in local town halls and is basically a nearly new sale. Whether it’s larger items like cribs or pushchairs. Or toys, blankets and even clothes. Basically everything you need when you’re having a baby at really great prices. They usually extend to toddlers and pre-school ages too. That’s great if you’ve got more than one purchase to make.

Shop Around

Saving Money with a newbornMake sure you shop around for the items you want. You may well find the particular item that you wanted is on sale in another store. Or it may be the fact they just stock the product for cheaper. You can also find the exact same items for less just because it has a different brand name on it. Check reviews and what previous customers have to say about it. It may surprise you how much you can save by just shopping around.

Let Family Know

Buying for a new born babyIf you’re extremely lucky you may even have family or friends who would like to purchase an item or an outfit for you. If they ask for suggestions be forthcoming with what you need or would like. You may also have a baby shower or have one thrown for you. Letting people know what you have or what you need can really help those wanting to gift you and your new baby something. Just keep people in the loop really so if they do purchase you an item it’s needed and won’t go to waste.

Second Hand Baby Shops

Shopping for a new born and saving money Don’t be afraid to shop second hand and this can be a huge factor in saving money. Babies don’t use their items for very long periods of time so they’re not usually wearing them out. Meaning if taken care of, most second-hand items can be found in really great condition. You may also have a second-hand baby shop in your area. They will take only great quality products to resale at reasonable prices. They will also clean them up to a professional standard or fix them if needed. Meaning that they end up looking brand new again. The same for clothing and toys. Some of the best items I’ve found have been in charity shops at a fraction of the original price. Shopping second hand can potentially save you hundreds in the baby shopping department.

Again, there are lots of other ways to save yourself money when expecting and purchasing for a new baby. For example the cost of formula feeding to breastfeeding. The price of disposable nappies versus cloth ones and of course a lot of people save items from previous babies to be used again. I just wanted to share some great tips to help you start saving now. So if you or anyone you know is expecting a new bundle of joy this year be sure to give this post a share. You can do that by clicking the appropriate social media logo below. Let me know in the comments your top tip for saving when buying for a new baby or if your expecting in 2019 and needed these tips. Thanks for stopping by my lovelies.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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