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Hello my beauties and how are you all today? I hope the start of 2019 has been being kind to you. If not then I hope the rest is. If you didn’t catch my post from last year then you may not know that I am currently pregnant. I am in fact over 20 weeks gone, so all ready half way through.

Even though this is my third pregnancy it never ceases to amaze me at how a female body can change so drastically during pregnancy. I mean you expect to put on a bit of weight as you can’t put the snacks down. However, you don’t always expect your boobs to double in size. Or for your hands and feet to swell. That’s not even taking into account the bump that is continuously expanding. It really is quite an amazing transformation to experience but it can be hard to dress a pregant body. Especially if ypu havent had to before. You want and need to be comfortable and that can be difficult. You don’t want to wear your pyjamas everyday (you do but you can’t waaaahhhh). So today I am sharing some great tips on how to stay stylish and be comfortable at the same time while you expecting.


I have to say pregnancy boobs are something else let me tell you!! They start with being sore and tender. Now, I know we’ve all heard this statement but understanding it is something different. It’s like a Rocky Balboa just finished an eight hour punching sesh on your not so fun bags! Just a T-shirt resting on them can be so painful but luckily this will and should ease off. Then they start expanding and getting bigger as milk ducts open and expand. There will come a point when your boobs are in constant contact with your belly. The best suggestion is to find a great nursing bra brand you like early on. They offer the best comfort and support for pregnant breasts even if your not planning to breastfeed. You may also find that a decent sports bra is much better choice than anything padded or under wired.


Some people have cute ‘perfectly’ shaped bumps and some of us, me, end up looking like a weeble. No matter your bump shape and size, feeling comfortable, especially in clothes, can be hard. Even more so when you have a tiny human being making you feel beaten up on the inside. A great choice is a cute shirt. It can skim your bump and be as none restrictive as you wish. Plus if you are wearing a top underneath you don’t need to do the buttons up. Spaghetti straps tops are always a winner as they’re comfortable but versatile. You can also layer them with jumpers, cardigans and jackets.


When it comes to trousers during pregnancy you may not realise what an important choice it is. Due to your body becoming larger you will want some non restrictive bottoms especially on the stomach area and crotch. Having buttons or a waist band dig into your bump all day can be really painful. Leggings are a great choice for a number of reasons. They are really cheap so you can buy a couple of pairs and if you need to size up again then it won’t break the bank. Plus they look so cute with a shirt. The epitome of comfortable and stylish. Plus I love how casual it looks. It’s also a good idea to invest in a pair or two of maternity jeans. I prefer the full over the bump style as it supports your stomach better and has nothing digging in to your stomach area. You can find these reasonably priced in various online and highstreet stores. Do have a look on Facebook selling pages to though as you can find some amazing deals on there for maternity wear.


Dresses during pregnancy can be a god send. Especially if your pregnant during the hotter months of the year. Anything with a light weight material will be comfortable and you won’t feel restricted on your legs at all. Plus you can style it with so many different styles of shoes and jackets that it keeps that variety of outfits there. I personally am loving the long jersey dress choice. As it so light weight and comfortable. The material is breathable and soft. So, a winner all round.


I’ve mentioned a few times that jackets are a great choice to go with outfits. Thats because they really are as most of your jackets will still fit. The best thing about jackets is that you don’t have to do them up so no having to fight your bump into your outfit. Whilst keeping your outfit on trend. I mean when are jackets not one of the best fashion items. You can style them with most outfits easily so a great pregnancy outfit choice.

An Outfit I’m Loving

I thought I would share one of my fave outfit choices at the moment. I have found that I am getting large fast so nothing much fits me anymore. At 22 weeks along fashion hand in hand with confprt is my key. I am loving these jersey dresses I had already in my wardrobe. The material is soft and forgiving. Leaving room for an expanding bump.

Pregnancy fashion

Paired with boots or trainers and a trusty jacket. Super comfy, minimal effort but still a great look everyday look. I went rose gold trim seude style boots and a River Island, leopard print, short sleeved jacket. Helping to keep my outfit on trend and still comfortable. Finished to perfection with a pleated, chain strap Chanel bag.

What are your go to items when expecting? Are you expecting and struggling to dress your new and changing body? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow my social media for regular blog updates my lovelies.

Lots of Love Tahnee xxx

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