Home For Good

Buying your first house together was a big deal and whether you started a family or are yet to do so, your home means the world to you. Whatever your plans are for the future, it’s time to get your home ready for the next few years of your life together and that can only mean one thing: home makeover time.

While the list of things-to-do can seem daunting, breaking them down room-by-room is probably your best bet. But before the decorative stuff can happen, you’re going to need to make sure anything that looks structurally wobbly or in need of some work is taken care of. Investigate that damp patch in the corner or get those electrics checked out. It might be costly but protecting your home is when it’s worth investigating joint loans for couples.

Image from Pixbay

Start at the beginning

Then comes the more fun stuff. It’s logical to start in the room where you spend most of your time, unless you have a bathroom that’s falling to pieces. So, the living room is probably where you’ll begin your home transformation journey.

Take your cue from home décor and lifestyle bloggers for ideas. Not all decorating has to be expensive and you can certainly save money by doing most of the work yourself. At least the preparation part, so get your scraper and start taking down that old wallpaper. Buy some ready made-up filler and fill any small holes and cracks, before sanding them down for a smooth finish. When your walls are ready it’s time to break out your colour scheme. Will you be going for clean and crisp whites or something altogether more individual? Use YouTube tutorials to get it right if you haven’t painted a room before and make sure you adequately protect furniture and floor from splashes and spills.

Peace and quiet

It would be logical to move up after your living space so how about transforming your bedroom from a functional space to a haven of peace and tranquillity for you and your partner? Do away with those flimsy curtains and invest in blackout lined long drapes that block out the light, guaranteed to give you a better night’s rest. That old mattress can go to, invest in a good quality one that supports you both adequately but also allows you to sink into a little bit of luxury. A new rug here, some fresh bed linen there and your bedroom will be transformed into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Watching your house steadily be transformed into your dream home is an investment well worth undertaking. Those little touches that make it feel like home will remind you of why you bought your house to begin with and all the dreams and happy memories you’ve created so far.

With a transformed living space, bedroom and not to mention bathroom and kitchen you’ll be happy there for many years to come, shutting out the outside world and enjoying the feeling of having created a space to call your own.

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