The Ultimate Guide To Getting Married Abroad

A decade ago, the thought of a destination wedding was the stuff of dreams or only for couples with very deep pockets. Fast forward to now, and the idea of getting married overseas in the sunshine, on the beach and combining your honeymoon with your big day, is becoming more accessible to the masses. While still expensive, getting married overseas is seen as big business. Many companies now specialize in providing packages for your destination wedding.

If you’re tempted to get hitched overseas and say ‘I do’ to your loved one with the gentle waves of a warm ocean lapping at your toes, you’re not alone. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular as people seek to escape the turbulent weather of their homeland. Take a look at this ultimate guide to getting married abroad to make sure that your big day overseas goes without a hitch.

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Be More Relaxed

Weddings abroad tend to be less formal affairs. Have you ever seen a wedding party sat on the beach waiting for the bride to appear in full top hat and tails? No, because the balmier climate simply won’t allow it. Instead, people dress more informally, including the bride and groom. This penetrates the ethos of the day with guests and the happy couple alike feeling more relaxed about the proceedings.

You Can Be Creative

Getting married overseas means the details that can make you feel overwhelmed at home can be taken out of your hands. When you are planning a church wedding at home, you need to consider your transport, the food, the cake, the photographer, your dress, the reception venue, the entertainment and the seating plan. Get married overseas and this is largely taken out of your hands. Most weddings abroad are headed up by a specialist wedding coordinator. While they won’t go ahead and plan every minute detail for you, they will present you with options and take your direction. This frees you up because you don’t have to worry about sourcing the Rolls Royce or finding the perfect bouquet of flowers. The specialist will do this for you.

These wedding coordinators don’t come cheap, but they are worth their weight in gold. They know the intricacies of the foreign legal system and will ensure that you have fulfilled all legal obligations before you walk down the aisle. Documentation and paperwork will be sorted and licences granted without you having to lift a finger.

This allows you to be more creative with other aspects to your big day. You could look into diy wedding invites, allowing you to get a little more hands on with your wedding. By creating something yourself, you can still feel part of your wedding day planning process. You could also look at the wedding breakfast menus, go dress shopping and relax into your role as bride.

Photos Will Look Awesome

While a decent wedding photographer will make even the dullest of weddings look spectacular, a destination wedding can make their job a whole lot easier. If you are getting married on the beach at sunset, you can expect some stunning silhouette shots. If you are saying ‘I do’ amongst the groves of the Caribbean, your photos will be bright, colorful and bold. If you are getting hitched in a colder environment surrounded by snow, the pictures will look romantic and idyllic in a winter wonderland.

You will need to decide whether you want to go down the traditional photographer route, or opt for someone with a more modern eye for detail. All the rage now is the documentary style wedding photographer who takes candid shots throughout the day to get a real feel for the vibe of your big day. You won’t even know that the photographer is even there. If you aren’t too fussed, you can ask the wedding coordinator to source a photographer for you, or you can of course, pay the travel expenses of the one you have your heart set on back home.

Honeymoon Combination

Combining your wedding with your honeymoon can cut the travel time and help you create a seamless transition from engaged couple to husband and wife. You could even do a multi-stop destination tour of a few countries if you are a bit of a traveling couple and love to get your wanderlust kicks. How does getting married in the Maldives and then heading to Goa for your honeymoon sound? Or what about a wedding in Paris, followed by a driving tour of France? The possibilities are endless. You just need to make sure that you can stick to your budget and not allow it to run away with you.

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The Guest List

With a destination wedding, it is always difficult knowing who to invite. You don’t want to invite people who you know might feel embarrassed if they decline your invitation, but at the same time not inviting them can send out the wrong message. Make sure that you invite everyone who you’d love to have with you celebrating your big day. Be aware that some may decline because the expense is too much, childcare arrangements might be too complex, or they simply don’t enjoy traveling as much as you do. Don’t allow this to create any sort of rift. Remember you chose to get married abroad so you cannot be upset when people can’t fall into your plans.

If you find that there are some people missing from your big day, make sure that you organize a celebration on your return. Have a good old party to recognize your return as a married couple.

Getting married abroad is incredibly exciting and adds a touch of luxury to your big day. Getting married is something that you hopefully only ever do once. If you want to make the big commitment and say ‘I do’ to your partner on a beach in the Seychelles or with the Louvre in the background, do it. Be a little selfish and have the destination wedding of your dreams.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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