Keeping The Romance Alive After Kids

Image by Karen Warfel from Pixabay 

It’s a common problem, babies are born, and your time with your partner gets less and less. Trying to find time together alone can be, so you need to make sure that you make it a priority to be together and to keep the romance alive, so here are a few ways in which you can do that:

Make Date Nights…And Stick To Them

To make time for each other once you have kids, it does take some planning. This might mean setting aside a particular day of the week, getting a babysitter in and booking a table or just setting aside the time to spend together inside with no distractions. Put your phones away, make some nice food and get wood-burning heaters & Fireplace on to make it cosy, get out your favourite bottle of wine and put on a good film. It doesn’t actually matter what you do together, it’s keeping the time together that is the most important thing, and it’s no good you both being in the same place but not together, no good being sat at the same table but both on your phones and no good being in the same house but in different rooms. Spend some time together properly.

Spoil Each Other

While the baby or the kids no matter how old they are are always going to be important, don’t forget your spouse. They need attention too, so even if you have to set a reminder to buy them something, to cook them a meal or even to show them some affection, then do it. It’s all too easy for this kind of thing to get forgotten, there’s always tomorrow. However do it now, show them you love them and go the extra mile to spoil them to make up for all the times when you’re both preoccupied.

Flirty Communication

Of course, you need to communicate throughout the day about what’s going on with the kids and what’s for dinner but also make sure you talk to each other like lovers too. Flirting in text messages and talking about what you want to do to each other can really spice things up and keep things alive. It can get you excited throughout the day so that when you and your partner see each other later, you are already in a good mood and not be totally preoccupied with the kids.

Don’t Hold Back On PDAs

Embarrass your kids, that’s what they’re there for now so don’t be shy, always hold hands with your partner and kiss them in public. This keeps you closer, and it helps you to make sure your relationship stays romantic rather than drifting into a friendship.

Remember, you are a team, and it takes the pair of you to raise the kids and to romance each other. Also remember that being romantic is a lovely thing to be so while it might feel like you have to make an effort to do it, it’s all worth it because it’s a beautiful way to be.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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