Keeping a Family “Happy” During Difficult Times


As parents we want to do the best for our children despite the circumstances, and even if we’re going through an incredibly difficult time, we try to make every event, from days out with the children to the simple family meal would tend to be a very “happy” affair, but what happens when you get to the point when you are struggling to keep a lid on it? We want our families to be emotionally healthy, but there will be times when everybody is being put through the wringer. With this in mind, is there a way for the peace to be kept, but also, do we really need to focus on keeping our family a “happy” unit?

The Importance Of Not Hiding The Truth

Whatever the circumstances, be it divorce, anxieties, or just an emotionally difficult time, it’s important that we never shy away from these things. If we work on protecting our children from certain eventualities, we may very well be hindering their growth. As is the case during divorce proceedings, it’s important to rely on the help of others. Family law solicitors, Bannister Preston are one of many solicitors that can help navigate the difficult process, not just from your perspective, but from the family perspective as well. What we need to remember during issues that can threaten to split a family in two is that we don’t paper over the cracks. At the same time, help is always around the corner. We can feel a sense of wanting to keep our pride intact, and keep a lid on certain emotions. This is not a productive mindset.

Improve Your Perspective

Whether it’s from the family’s perspective, or it is your own, if we go into a situation with a negative mindset, it’s going to colour our own perceptions across the board. This means that we can spend a little bit of time altering our perception. This means that over time that it’s not necessarily the most arduous circumstances, although it may feel like it at the time. Improving your perspective can seem like a futile task, especially when you are trying your best for the family. But it’s about seeing the best in everything, or at least looking for one positive, even when there are a million negatives.

It’s A Learning Curve

Every difficult circumstance in life is a learning curve. When you are looking to keep your emotions intact, or protect your family during difficult times, you may find that you do too much to bear the burden, or at the same time, you may find you aren’t letting your family process information appropriately. We have to learn and grow, and it’s not always about protecting our kids from the problems that are in front of them. If we don’t let them solve their own problems, they don’t develop resilience. This is something that we can all benefit from.

Difficult times can feel like a call for desperate measures. When we do our utmost to keep our family intact, or try to keep them happy, it’s more about our own opinions of what we think our family needs. Sometimes it’s far better to let nature take its course. That’s not to say that we should throw caution to the wind, but when we are faced with difficulties in life, which will always rear their head on occasion, we’ve got to ask ourselves if we are doing too much to protect our family.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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