Easy, Quick Makeup Routine

School Run Makeup Routine

Christmas is done and packed away. We’ve welcomed the New Year of 2020 and everything is back to normality. The kids are getting back to School and that means 100x more stuff for mum to do. Am I right ladies? From meetings to ‘special’ events and all inbetween. Why not make your mornings a little easier and faster with this cute but quick Makeup routine for the school run.



Rimmel lasting finish primer,

Revlon colour stay foundation,

Revolution conceal and correct green concealer,

MUA scarlet siren (for concealer)

Collection Lasting perfection concealer,

Revolution banana baking powder,

Barry M make me blush blush,

Revolution duo face sculpt,

Rimmel perfect match powder in translucent,

MUA undressed eyeshadow pallets,

L’oreal tattoo signiture liquid eyeliner,

Rimmel exaggerate black eyeliner

Rimmel soft kohl white eyeliner,

Rimmel wonder’ful mascara,

Collection eyebrow pomade,

Revolution Amazing Lipstick Shade Crush

Easy Makeup look

Base Layer

Starting with my actual skin. I started with adding my primer and I have very porous skin that I have to be generous with it. Once dry I add a little red lipstick under my eye. Now this may seem crazy but this is to colour correct the darkness under there. I’ve tried lots of colour correcting concealer but none of them work as well as red lippy so there you go. I also add some green concealer on my nose and chin area as I am prone to red skin there. I am also prone to red spots in these areas. Once applied I use a buffer brush to buff out the product. Being careful to not rub it off just make it more opaque on the skin.

Now it’s foundation time. I have used Revlon colour stay foundation which is a new product (I bought) that I will be reviewing soon! I grab my damp sponge and just buff this all over my face in a pressing motion. I always worry when I’m done as you look a little odd and ghost like.

Next I will add my under eye concealer and I used collection Lasting Perfection concealer today. Again I’ll buff this out with the sponge and add my powder to bake this area. Baking is good and this area can crease and move the makeup. Baking makes that not happen so your under eye makeup is on point all day. Mum of three boys, lacking in sleep, I need to bake! For a simple look I’ll only bake my under eye. Just to have a more relaxed look. I used the Revolution banana baking powder (Which again I bought and am reviewing for you soon).

Now you can add a contour or some blush. I added both as I am a pale person. I need the colour back in my face and skin to look normal!

I contoured my side’s of my face, my chin and my forehead. Simple apples of the cheeks and buffer brush it outwards towards the top of your ear. If need you can add a little circular motion. Be careful not to add brush marks. I used the Barry M make me blush blush. I also used the Revolution duo face sculpt but only the darker shade.

Perfect .makeup look


So I kept the eyes REALLY simple. I chose    colour from the MUA Undressed pallet. I then added the darker shade of      to the outside upper corners. Including the crease and a small way into the eyelid. I then grab my blending brush and went in small circular motion to blend it out. Taking care to get rid of any harsh lines.

Added a lick of L’oreal tattoo liquid eyeliner and also lined my top waterline with Rimmel black eyeliner. I also used Rimmel white liner on the bottom to give my eyes a brighter look. Finished with a coat of Rimmel mascara Wonder’ful.

I should mention that I used Collection pomade on my eyebrows. Which are in need of a good reshape but hey ho, caterpillar eyebrows we go.



At this point I always add my powder just to meld everything together and dry any moisture of my skin. I used Rimmel perfect match powder. Which again is a new product I will trying and reviewing soon for you.


Again, I kept the lips SUPER simple. Just a quick coat of Makeup Revolution lippy in shade Crush.

School Run Makeup

That is it. Twenty minutes TOPS and your ready to roll. Simple, quick and perfect if you’re late for work, on the school run or just are lacking in time of a morning. Mix up the colours and it looks completely different. Add some lashes and a lock of clear gloss and take it to a more glam look. You can really mix and match this look to suit you.

Do you enjoy a good quick morning routine? What are your top tips for a quicker morning? Or a simple makeup look? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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