Top 5 Weaning Tips for Parents

My Baby Weaning Diaries

Hello my beautiful lot and how are you all? I hope you’re well and ready to talk weaning? As some of you may know I had new baby last year and we’ve recently hit the 8 month mark. Now weaning has been happening since 6 months as that is the recommended age to start the weaning process but my goodness it hasn’t been easy. It reminded me of the past two times I’ve had to do it. They weren’t easy either! That got me thinking that I’m not the only one going through this and that many people might need a bit of info or just solidarity. I mean the being pregnant wasn’t enough. Destroying your vagina and body wasn’t enough. The sleepiness nights and early mornings also……not enough. Now you have the joy of your baby spitting out the food you lovingly prepared or paid good money for. But don’t worry I’m here to say you’re not alone and I also got tips!!!!

Weaning baby

6 months

At 6 months your baby is ready to start trying some food. Most people will try a plain tasting breakfast cereal/oatmeal and this is good as your baby gets used to this new texture of food. This should be offered alongside there usual milk feed. Meaning they’ll need to keep having their milk and may not want as much as they have had some food. This is not about filling them up. Jusy getting them used to food being in their mouth and moving it around.

Pick a meal time you know they are happy and awake but also you don’t need to rush. I started on the morning feed as my little lad is always hungry first thing. (I literally just had to leave for 30 minutes to go through this routine as it’s not even 8am yet, irony).

They may spit it out they may not swallow much but that’s Ok! They’re learning and it will take a couple of goes for them to start grasping it. Scientists will tell you a baby should try a food 17 times before they really decide if they like it.

7 months

It’s time to start adding new tastes and textures and where I hit my first hurdle. At 7 months you can move on to both a thicker food and start with simple flavours and seasonings. Well my little boy wouldn’t have any of it. New flavours yuck. New textures….nah don’t like it, heave, heave, heave.

Weaning your bahy

Heaving at this stage is actually very normal. As your baby learns to move the lumps and squish them with their gums. However my little boy was not heaving from lumps. No he’s gained a bit of a sweet tooth and decided savoury flavours were not for him. Meaning his lumpy fruit cereal breakfast is delicious but dinner time not so much. So what now? You keep at it. Yes I spent many a night with him spitting out the food but I won if I can get at least one spoonful in him to try.

Then he became ill with bronchitis (the one that babies get) and started to refuse food except the occasional yogurt. Again it is normal to refuse food when ill and you need to make sure they keep their milk intake up if that’s the case. Plenty of fluids and don’t worry about the food.

So, we start again with weaning once he’s better. He’s still heaving and I’m slowly becoming more upset and stressed during meal times. I just want my baby to be healthy and be on target. He doesn’t want this food! What am I meant to do?

I try feeding him in his high chair, NO still the same result. In his little rocking chair thing, NO still no good? Pushchair? No, Ok, Ok! So it’s not where he is that’s the problem. Oh no it’s the food he hates the food. I try home made, I try jars and pouches. No he hates them all. I was really at a loss as to what to do.

8 months

Baby weaning

By 8 months your baby should be heading towards three small bowls of food a day and finger foods according to Bounty. PFFFFT. I can’t get him to finish one meal! I’m not freaking out though. He still enjoys his milk and is built like a builder the little chunk.

I do need a plan though. I need to get him eating his meals. He’s just learned to clap and I’m hoping I can use that to my advantage?

I place him in his high chair and get the spoonful of chicken dinner. Its in his mouth and just as he starts to pull the face.


He looks at me…. smiles……….


AND OPENS HIS MOUTH!!!! He wants more and I’m so happy I could cry.

So currently that’s where were at. I sit there cheering like a mad women just to get him to gobble his dinner. From here out I need to keep at establishing breakfast and dinner before I add a lunch. Due to being ill it’s thrown him of track a little. The main thing to remember is there will be days your baby won’t want any food. Their may be days you can’t feed them enough. Be patient with them but be patient with yourself. You’re not doing anything wrong it just takes practice on both sides. Time and patience is key.


Top 5 Weaning Tips

  • It won’t happen over night so just be relaxed and patient. Which I know is easier said than done.
  • Their are various types of weaning techniques you could use so research what will work best for you and your baby.
  • Start with plainer tastes and work up to big flavours.
  • Pick the meal time your baby is happiest for their first eating experience. It’ll make it easier for you if they’re in a good mood.
  • Use home made foods, jars pouches and don’t worry what anyone says. “Oh my babies ONLY ate home made dinners” well done Linda love. Unless your offering to cook for my family jog on!

Are you on your baby weaning journey? Are you having a problem? Or a top tip for me and others who may be struggling? Let us know in the comments below as we’d appreciate it!! From one weaning mama to another, you got this hun and you’re doing amazing!!!

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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