New Mum Recovery Hamper

Taking Care of New Mum’s

Hello you gorgeous bunch and how are you all today? We’re at the end of January and all going well I should be posting this no later than January 21st. (Edit: she wasnt far off was she). That is my best friends due date. She is about to give birth to her third little girl and bless her, this pregnancy hasn’t been easy for her. The time has nearly come for her to give birth and regain a small amount of her body back.

When babies are born we all rush to see them. To gift them with cute outfits or bears. I decided I wanted to focus on my friend and put her together a nice post pregnancy gift bag (I also got the baby a gift obviously). If you have a friend or relative who is expecting why not treat them to a gorgeous recovery hamper.

Relax When You Can Mama

Diy bath saal

Bath Salts are a great way to relax after a stressful day. Simply add them to your bath and your good to soak your stresses away. I made her a beautiful jar of sandalwood scented bath salts. Making bath salts is really quick and easy but makes a wonderful gift. If you’d like to try it yourself check out this simple tutorial.

Keep Your Energy Up

Energy will be lacking especially in the first few weeks or even months of having a new baby. Having a good and healthy snack available to hand is a must to help replenish some of the lost energy.

Biscuits are a brilliant choice as you can pack them full of healthy ingredients. You can even make some that encourages milk production for any of the breast feeding mama’s.

I cheated and bought some Nutella B-ready. No not 100% healthy but very tasty. However, be better than me and use this quick and easy recipe. Adding some healthier options instead.

Bottoms Up

Girl it’s been a while! 9 months and not a single drop of the good stuff! That included her birthday and Christmas. I made sure my girl got a small bottle of prosecco in her bag.¬†She’s been a trooper and 100% deserve a drink when she can get the time.

New Mum hamper

Plus she deserves to celebrate too when she feels she wants to. She’s welcomed a beautiful, healthy new child and was a Queen about it, obviously!!! Yes my Girl, cheers!

Get Back To You

After giving birth women seem to hate their bodies. This makes me so sad because look what she did for you. Look at that baby then look at the wobbly skin on your tummy and tell her. YOU DID ME SO PROUD!!

This is the time to take care of your body as best you can. Your body is exhausted and won’t have a massive amount of time to regain itself. Not to mention all the fun that comes with the hormones leaving your body. Greasy hair and bad skin will be there for this ride.

With that in mind I grabbed her some nice face masks and cream that is oil free. I also grabbed a nice hair mask as pregnancy can just suck all the life out you including your hair. Just wanted to encourage her to treat her body well.

Late Night?

Girl!!! It’s so hard with a newborn considering they feed every couple of hours. And want to be held the hours inbetween. As mum’s we wouldn’t change it for the world. That doesn’t mean you can’t help mama out with …… mags and a brick of coffee. To help during the nights if you’re up for hours and wanting a quiet way to pass time. Or your propping your eyelids open with match sticks as you call your other kids by the wrong name’s. Whilst forgetting what day of the week it is.

Homemade Card

Finally I added this cute little card I made and I thought it was hilarious I won’t lie.


Being pregnant is tiring and hard. In our minds once you give birth that’s over. In reality our bodies have no real time to heal as there is a new human who needs you. So a huge well done to my bestest for showing that strength only a mother knows. If you’re currently pregnant why not put yourself together a pamper bag or if you know someone is due why not make them one.

Finally a huge well done to my best friend, her husband and children on the new addition. She is perfect and I can’t wait to watch her grow.

Do you know someone who would live a little new mum pamper? What would you add to the bag? Let me know in the comments if I forget anything.

Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx




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