Perfect Pamper Night In – Quarantine Edition

Lockdown Edition

Hi my lovelies how are you all? I know many of us will be still feeling the tension of social distances and the lockdown restrictions, even if they are starting to lift. Having the kids home for so many weeks and not being able to run off their energy at the park or at school with friends. Missing our family and friends so much more than we ever thought imaginable that it’s hard to describe with words. The laugh is we thought daily life was stressful before! Even if the restrictions have been ‘relaxed’ a little. Many are choosing to still stay socially distant. For those who aren’t are having to find new ways to see family and friends safely. It’s like a whole new world right now! I think it’s safe to say spending the perfect night in should 100% be on the cards.

I have tried to make sure all the items that featured can be bought from many supermarkets or ordered online. Due to the lockdown restrictions, I wouldn’t want to encourage any non-essential trips to the shops. You can grab most of these when getting your food shop! Really making this the perfect night in.

Sea Salts

It is believed that soaking in Sea salts can help tired aching muscles. I know we’re all spending more time cleaning and gardening whilst being at home. I think it’s safe to assume that we have more aches and pains than usual. Plus stress can also make your body ache. Adding some salts to your bath can help aid your body to relax.

Sea salts lockdown panper

If you wanted to you could even make your own DIY bath salts or even some bath bomb fizzers with this great recipe. It will take a few extra ingredients but most can be found in the supermarket. Plus they’re good fun to make and then use. Could even get the kids involved if they love bath treats as much as mine do.

Body Scrub

Is there any better feeling than being clean as a whistle from head to toe? If you want that squeaky clean feeling whilst helping your skin. Body Scrub is the way to go. Most of the bigger supermarket chains will stock body scrub. I suggest a hydrating body scrub to help the new skin you’ll be exposing through exfoliating. You can also make one with this quick and easy recipe.

DIY Body Scrub
  • Melt coconut oil (you can actually use most oils in this recipe such as Olive oil for example).
  • Add granulated sugar or you could add Epsom salt if you want a thicker grain to the texture. You can decide how granulated you want your mixture to be and can keep adding sugar until you get your desired texture.
  • You can be done there but if you wanted you can also add some essence or essential oils for added benefits and scents.
  • Add to a pot and let cool.

Covid pamper body scr

You could also try this gorgeous one I picked up whilst shopping at Asda. It’s the Nspa Scared Spa jojoba and white jasmine body scrub. Which smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

Face Mask

Face Masks can be a little tricky. Most people think you buy one, whack it on your face and your good. However, most people don’t take a look at their skin to see what it wants and needs. Do you have dry areas? A cream or sheet mask focused on renewal and hydration may work better in these areas. You want to hydrate these areas and also lift the dead skin. If you have oily skin using charcoal or clay-based masks may be better to dry out the problem areas and even out sebum.

Face masks can be amazing as long as you know what your skin needs. If you struggle to find the mask you need you can check out my posts on oily skin and also one for dry skin.

Superdrug coffee face mask

For Dry skin I really like the Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask. It’s light and gently fragranced so really nice on the skin. For oily skin I really enjoy the Superdrug Coffee Face Mask. Do not skip moisturising if you have oily skin either. Make sure to use one that helps with sebum and oil control.

Eye Mask

With all the stresses and worries you may find your sleep pattern disturbed. Perhaps just having all the extra stresses of the day now are taking their toll. Either way, a great eye mask can have such an amazing effect on your undereye area whilst helping you take a moment for yourself.

Lockdown beauty eye mask

I’ve recently been trying various eye masks and one I particularly liked was this DIY mask. Really simple and quick but cooling which helps blood flow to the area. Simply blend some cucumber and apply it to a cotton pad that’s cut in half. Pop these in the fridge before use and apply for 10 to 15 minutes. Simple, easy and cooling for the eye area.

Hot Stones

A recent Amazon purchase and I have to say it really was a good one. Some gorgeous hot stones that you can enjoy hot or cold. Perfect for relaxation and especially if you suffer with aches and pains. I know a lot of us have been busy with DIY, gardening and probably more exercise than any of us have ever known. Taking the time to relax your whole body will really help you all around. You could even make it a couples evening and use oils and nice music. A proper spa in your own front room.

Quarantine lockdown pamper


I also wanted to include a small list of extra items you could grab just to make your quarantine pamper night in perfect. You could get yourself a little mix and match list ready for a shopping day.

  • Body Butter or Body Lotion
  • Bubble Bath
  • Shower Gel
  • Hair mask
  • Bottle of Bubbles (the alcoholic kind, cheeky!)
  • Snacks
  • Candles
  • Face cream

After what we’ve all been through since March it’s sort of unreal that we’re still on lockdown. I really hope that you’re all coping as best you can. Hopefully taking the evening for yourself. Focusing on a little bit of self-care and attention will help with keeping your body feeling good at least. Then hopefully by extension the rest of you feels a little taken care of.

As I said above all these items should be available in most of the main UK supermarkets or can be ordered online. What are your must-haves for your perfect pamper? Are you a body butter lover? I love facemasks and face oils. I love that feeling of a super clean and hydrated face! Let me know yours in the comments below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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